Wajah Bumi Art Exhibition

This year’s KLEFF will also feature a special nature-themed creative and visual art exhibition called Wajah Bumi which will be held from Monday to Sunday (23-29th October) at the White Box in Publika. Featuring six local and international visual artists and curated by Yasmin Rasyid, the exhibition aims to showcase the many facets of people and the environment from landscapes to indigenous cultures and music, social and human rights issues and sustainable development.

‘Freedom’ , a collaboration between Alena Murang and Elias Balare, will be exhibited at Wajah Bumi.

Among the visual artists that will be featured in Wajah Bumi are Alena Murang, a multitalented artist, traditional musician and dancer, as well as strategist and social entrepreneur who strives to impact the environment and society with her art; and Amri Ginang, a creative director, entrepreneur, and well-known photographer with more than 35 years of experience. He believes that everyone deserves to be photographed well and has the unique ability to connect with and truly capture the personality of his subjects to create timeless images.

‘Palau Boy Checking the Horizon from His Home’ by Amri Ginang will be exhibited at Wajah Bumi.

This exhibition will take place at the White Box in Publika over the 7-day festival where the featured artworks will be for sale. Entrance to the Wajah Bumi exhibition is free.