Date: 22 - 28 October 2018  Venue: PUBLIKA SOLARIS DUTAMAS

It’s Not Over

Runtime: 5:33
Country: Malaysia
Language: English
Category: Short Films

Ashley, a girl that is passionate about food photography, loves to share all the food that she had in her Instagram profile. She likes to visit different cafes, especially those newly opened cafes, just to share her experience and recommendations to her followers. In order to make her photos look nicer, she always tend to order more than what she can finish and yet ends up wasting the food, every single time. One day, Ashley visits a newly opened café named Tujoh. As usual, she orders more than what she can finish, but this time there’s a mysterious voice appears. The voice appears 3 times by saying different sentences to warn her not to waste the food, but she ignores. She does not manage to finish the food and leave the café without taking away the leftover.

On that night, she is brought to a dark space. When she is trying to figure out where is she, the mysterious voice appears again. But this time, the mysterious voice is telling her that all her leftover is not over. Buddhists believe that we can never get rid of our leftovers even when we are dead; all the food that we’ve wasted when we are alive will be mixed up together and waiting for us to finish up when we die. Therefore, Ashley is forced to eat what she had wasted all these while from a bucket. She tries to escape from the dark space, but the people there drag and push her towards the bucket. While she is struggling and yelling, everything disappears.

Ashley wakes up with sweat all over her body. She realizes that it was just a nightmare, a very bad nightmare indeed. She sits on the bed and recalls everything that happened in the dream. She then starts to realize that her behaviour in the past was so wrong; she had wasted tons of food just for the sake of a nice photo. After that night, she decides to turn over a new leaf and she wants to be a good role model to others, especially to the group of friends around her that behave the same.


Alifa Farras

Screening time:

October 27, 2017
10:30 pm
Black Box, Publika

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