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Lessons From Disaster

Lessons From Disaster

Ibrah From Disaster (Lessons From Disaster) is a short documentary focusing on catastrophic events that have hit the Asian countries such as the Tsunami in Aceh Indonesia, the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan and the Haiyyan Typhoon in the Philippines.

Following this increasingly threat of nature has made us explore the possibilities of many other destructive natural disasters.

The Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM) in collaboration with Kyoto University has held a workshop titled “International Workshop Toward Building Regional Platform For Disaster Risk Reduction In Asia” it is a golden opportunity for Malaysia to learn from the experiences of other Asian countries who have been suffering from major disasters.

Stories behind the catastrophic events of countries such as Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines in this workshop has expand Malaysia’s view to take the Ibrah (lessons) from this and now in preparation, knowledge-wise.

It is impossible for us to prevent the occurrence of natural disasters. However, the loss of life and property due to the disaster can be mitigated if all parties work together to reduce the risk of disaster. Ibrah From Disaster (Lessons From Disaster) is a documentary that can educate viewers to be more sensitive and prepared for various threats of natural disasters if they are repeated.
Does a country like Malaysia, can be prepared if facing a catastrophic disaster?

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