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Rain in Sahara – Black Water

Rain in Sahara – Black Water

“It surrounds us everyday. The rampant corruption, environmental destruction, income inequality out of control, a broken path to our future. This song is dedicated to everyone who fights tirelessly to make the world a better place, against all the odds.” So go the introductory words to Black Water, the debut single from Rain in Sahara highlighting issues ranging from environmental destruction to child labour. From first-time filmmakers we explore a day in the life of a young girl school drop out who lives inside a landfill working as a rag-picker yet yearns for an education and a better life.

Rain in Sahara:
Tucked away in the Indian corner near the Himalayas bordering Bhutan and China, Rain in Sahara was born in the sweltering Indian heat of late 2016 in Guwahati, Assam. Driven by a desire to spread positive conscious music with a message along the principles of social justice, equality, freedom and respect, Spanish-American producer and multi-instrumentalist Lain joined forces with multi-lingual rappers Rocky Glock and Sikdar to create the hip-hop outfit Rain in Sahara.

Fusing a wide range of elements and instrumentation into their hip-hop sound from numerous genres such as electronica, rock, Latin music and even Indian and western classical music, Rain in Sahara bring their individual struggles and experiences to their music writing about what they see in their daily lives.

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