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Save Her. Save Us. Save Me

Save Her. Save Us. Save Me

The story begins as a female survivor walking through the desert. While reminiscing, it was revealed that the female survivor is surrounded by earth after obliteration. She starts to reminisce the wonders of Mother Nature and how it provides life for living creatures on earth. She visualizes the green shades of grasses and trees, the sound of the water splashing and spattering on the earthy ground. The beauty of mother nature including the mountain view, plantation, clean water, forest, flora and fauna, morning dew, and others are being shown. Despite of going through the damages of the destructions, Mother Nature screams and cries for humans’ greed in taking advantages of her surrounding with new developments in the new era of concrete jungle. Human’s violent actions toward to our mother earth such as pollution, smoking, construction, deforestation and wastage are gradually destroying her. It is slowly killing her and us. Although the legal authorities have done their job in raising awareness by keeping the earth clean and sustainable in avoidance of Mother Nature’s ruin, but the humans did not listen. This has led Mother Nature in feeling sad and angry towards the humans who are not taking care of the planet. The survivor explains that it was not about the climate change or the naturally environmental destruction. It was the humans and their greed.

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