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The Art of Nature : A Documentary of Orang Asli’s Archaic Crafts

The Art of Nature : A Documentary of Orang Asli’s Archaic Crafts

This documentary revolves around the historical, ancient and rare crafts developed by Orang Asli, 100% sourced from the nature. It delves into the origins of the crafts created by the Orang Asli tribe, and how it evolves from being the basic items needed for survival, to items that carries the symbol, identity and tradition of the Orang Asli culture, all preserved from the crafts created through generations of the tribe. Orang Asli, one of the earliest original inhabitants on our country, has forever lived surrounded by nature, appreciating the importance and beauty of it.

Living one with nature, they have invented numerous crafts and items, from clothing to musical instruments, all from the sources of nature. This documentary is being told by an Orang Asli collector, who collects and invent on all the intricate crafts lovingly made by the Orang Asli, with hope to preserve the tradition for as long as he could. Over his lifetime, he has collected hundreds of items carrying the traditions of his tribe.Sadly, as the makers of these crafts became lesser and lesser, more of the traditions has also died with them. The refusal of the younger generation to learn and appreciate the symbolic crafts has eroded their own culture. With this documentary, it is also hoped that younger generations of the tribe could appreciate the dying craft and continue to cherish the crafts, upholding their heritage.

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