KLEFF is Calling For Workshops!!!

Calling all environmental NGOs, social enterprises, artists, film makers, technology companies and arts organisations, KLEFF is looking for engaging workshops packed with knowledge, experience, excitement and action for our KLEFF visitors during the festival.

This year, to strengthen the goal of KLEFF which is CALL FOR ACTION, we are creating a new section for Workshops called “Act For The Community” in which the public can participate in a workshop that creates products to raise funds or for the usage of the community.


  1. Provide knowledge and skills to the participants to embark on sustainable initiatives at home.
  2. Showcase and demonstrate environment-friendly technological solutions.
  3. Promote social and environmental efforts through stories and activities.
  4. Empower the participants to start taking action.

Role Description

We are looking for a number of NGOs, artists, film makers, environmentalists and green living practitioners to lead workshops for two groups:

  1. Youths and young people aged 11-28
  2. Enthusiasts and hobbyists

Group sizes per workshop may range from 10 to 25 people.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people who can deliver workshops in the following forms:

  • environment-themed animation,
  • environmental storytelling,
  • documentary making on environmental issues,
  • upcycled arts and crafts,
  • urban and sustainable farming,
  • gardening and farming workshops,
  • green technology workshops,
  • cultural or indigenous workshops, and
  • empowerment and environmentalism, to name a few.

Expected workshop outcomes:

  • Participants are given the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge.
  • Participants have increased awareness of opportunities to develop their sustainable skills and support national and international efforts and causes.
  • Workshop should not be more less than 1 ½ hours.

Successful applicants will be required to submit a short evaluation of their workshop; and involved with registering the participants on arrival and handing out evaluation forms to them to complete at the end of the workshop.

Dates of the Workshops

Monday 23 October – Sunday 29 October 2017

We welcome proposals for either full day or half day (2-3 hour) workshops (either morning or afternoon).  Please specify suitable dates and timings in your application.


Venues for the workshops will include places such as (upon confirmation by KLEFF secretariat):

  1. The Square, Publika and
  2. The Black Bridge, Publika
  3. The Blue Bridge, Publika
  4. The White Box, Publika

Workshop Fees

Applicants will be responsible to set the workshop fees for their workshop but the fees to the public will not be more than RM50 and must specify if materials are going to be included or not.

Deadline: End of June 2017

*Promotional posters and social media promotion will be provided by the KLEFF Secretariat, however the information on the workshop must be provided by the applicant prior to the promotion schedule set by the KLEFF Secretariat.

**Each successful applicant is expected to include all planning, delivery, resources, transport and evaluation.

***Successful applicants are required to contribute RM300 to the KLEFF Secretariat if the workshop is approved. The RM 300 covers the space rental, energy requirements and waste management of the workshop space.