Nothing Can Stop KLEFF Road Show At KDU!

Photo 1: The KDU students are focusing on the film screening

Date: 26th May 2017

Time: 10.00a.m to 12.00p.m

Location: KDU University College, Glenmarie

Audiences: 70 students accompanied by 2 lecturers

Officer In-Charge: Mr. Fadly Bakhtiar


Our Festival Director, Mr. Fadly Bakhtiar was on a mission to give a talk about the 10th International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival by EcoKnights. A hall was preoccupied by almost 70 KDU students and accompanied by 2 lecturers. The opening of road show was last year KLEFF2016 video followed by Mr. Fadly giving introduction about KLEFF on the categories available such as short film, full feature film, documentaries, animations and public services announcement (PSA). There is also a film screening of the last year winner such as The Disappearing Hill for Jury Award KLEFF2016, Power Down to Power All for UNDP x JKR Award, Gaia for Young Film Award, Message in a Bottle for Short Film Award, and 20kg of Plastic for the viral video.

For this year awards, there will be Best Feature Film, Best Short Documentary, Best Short Film, Best Animation, Best PSA, Special Jury Award and Young Filmmakers Award for the university partner. Unfortunately, for this year, there will be no award under the collaboration of UNDP and JKR for UNDP-JKR Energy Efficiency in Building. We hope that this year KDU University College will submit tons of films for KLEFF2017!

Photo 1: The KDU students are focusing on the film screening