KLEFF2017 Screenings Passes

For the past 9 years, The International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) has been receiving a great amount of environmental film submission locally and internationally. With an increase in the number of submission every year, KLEFF is an important tool to support film makers in sharing their stories on the environment through their films. It is also a unique cinema-like class for our festival visitors to view the world from various environmental perspectives.

Up till now, we are glad that the festival has benefitted everyone – film makers, partners, community, public and students. Reaching our tenth year, we are more than determined to continue the KLEFF for the next coming years to come in the effort to support film makers and to create an environmental bond among our festival visitors.

WITHOUT YOUR CONTINUOUS SUPPORT AND ENTHUSIASM, KLEFF would not have been here whereas these amazing environmental films and inspiring film makers would not have built connection with us globally.

In order to support KLEFF, a low fee of RM5 will be charged for each film screening session in which you get to enjoy at least 2 films (refer here for full screenings session schedule). To benefit both KLEFF and our visitors even more, we are launching the ‘Funds for Us, More FUN for You’ promotion. There will be 2 types of special film passes – Weekend Pass (RM30 for up to 8 screening sessions) and All Week Pass (RM60 for unlimited screening sessions). The payments will proceed to the KLEFF fund to ensure the continuity of the festival. We truly appreciate your support for KLEFF.

Individual Session

You can buy for any number of session.
Each session is RM5.00

Funds for Us, More FUN for You

Weekend Pass

One pass per application.
28 & 29 October - Saturday & Sunday only.
Each pass is RM30.00

All Week Pass

One pass per application.
23 - 29 October - All week.
Each pass is RM60.00

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