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Act For SDGs

Thought Provoking And Community Events

Act For SDGs

Each year, the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) presents more than 10 events and activities celebrating sustainable living. Be it workshops, a campaign, forums, art and design events or local and international talks, KLEFF delivers these specially curated events to inspire a nation towards sustainability.

The “Act for SDGs” or A4SDGs is a new addition among the many programs and activities organized at the upcoming 11th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF). This year’s theme is “Forest, Water and Climate Change”.

So if you have a cause to promote, or some cool planet-friendly solutions to share, or even perhaps a fundraising effort to support a wildlife, then why not apply to be part of this year’s KLEFF 2018 A4SDGs and join movement. Align your event to this critical theme to help build a bigger buzz and receive greater exposure via KLEFF’s promotional channels.

We INVITE YOU to be the catalyst in empowering, information and mobilizing the public to take action for the environment.

Tentative Details of A4SDG

Date: 22nd – 28th October

Time: 12pm – 10pm

Venues: Publika Shopping Mall


31st January – 31st MarchApplication and submission of proposals
1st April – 20th AprilReview and selection by KLEFF committee
23rd April – 27th AprilAnnouncement and notification of selected proposal
1st May – 24th May

Discussions/Meetings between KLEFF committee, selected A4C organizers and Publika

Signing of contract

25th May – 22nd JuneDesigning of event collateral to be promoted in KLEFF festival booklets and social media
25th May – 21st October

Preparation of A4SDG

  • Operation
  • Marketing
  • Registration

Example of proposed event for A4SGD

Example 1: Indigenous-themed light exhibition at The Square that showcases the concerning issues faced by the community. There will be a 2-hour indigenous art and craft workshop. Workshop fees will be used to buy books for the indigenous children.

Example 2: A community dialogue held at White Box to discuss and further deepen understanding towards the needs of the under privileges followed by a 3-day vocational training for the under privilege adults.

Example 3: A recycling campaign that takes place at The Square that involves volunteers to set up the collection center, separate waste and produce upcycled products while the public can drop their recyclables and learn to upcycle.

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