This year line up of Green Market vendors!

Leather handmade jewelry & accessories and flower lamps madef from the bark leaves.
Selling and promoting of organic snacks.
Homemade food products
Upcycle product using left over, waste and imperfect leather.
Handmade accessories
MossTomo & Epic Terrarium series
NGOS to stop degradation of natural environment
Recycling practice
Handmade aroma soaps moulded in recycle milk tetrapak.
Upcycle home décor and accessories made from vintage kimono.
Wild jungle honey, polle, homemade apple cider.
Indoor homemade terrariums & mini garden.
Vintage clothing
Temporary tattoo
Organic Food
Organic Food
Natural formulation made of high quality, natural ingredient to safely whiten and polish teeth, remove stain, detoxify mouth and keep breath fresh without any risk what so ever from harmful chemicals or additives.
Handmade accessories.
Natural and organic handcrafted skincare and health beauty products.
Natural nut spreads.
NGOs to empower and encourage youth work for better future.
Patchwork blankets, bags and small items using scrap fabrics.
Handmade baby &kids clothes and accessories
Goat milk production and merchandise.
Handmade sockdolls and plush dolls.
Upcycle product using left over leather.
Vintage Kimono
Handcrafted soap and natural skin care products
Edible garden- freshly grown vegetables
Organic food and farming
Clothing made from bamboo