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26TH OCTOBER 2018, KUALA LUMPUR – The 11th International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) celebrated the filmmakers in a prestigious award ceremony today.

The award ceremony was conducted in the presence of Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Climate Change (MESTECC) YB Puan Isnaraissah Munirah binti Majilis giving out 5 awards to this year’s film categories. Other award presenters of the evening included Director of Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Tuan Haji Md Khairi bin Selamat who presented the KLEFF River of Life (ROL) Awards; General Manager of Corporate Communication and Sustainability, IOI Properties Group Kristine Ng who presented ASEAN Young Filmmaker Award while the Chairman of PAAB Datuk Seri Dr. Nik Norzrul Thani Nik Hassan Thani presented the PAAB Awards.

“We are now facing environmental challenges that demand urgent attention. Providing awareness and solutions to these challenges is not solely the government’s responsibility. Rather, the government, the private sectors, NGOs and the public should all work together. KLEFF is an example of how these various sectors could collaborate to enhance the understanding of the fragility of our environment and the importance of preserving it. KLEFF provides a creative platform for filmmakers to showcase impactful stories that do not just evoke emotions but most importantly instil environmental awareness. This is in line with MESTECC’s aspiration to promote environmental stewardship and to move towards a greener future,” stated YB Munirah.

This year 2 special film categories were organized in collaboration with the River of Life program, and the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

“After ten years, I believe that KLEFF is now a strong local household brand, which has demonstrated and validated its presence as a platform that mobilizes communities to address and take action on pressing and urgent environmental issues we all face today,” said Yasmin Rasyid, the Founder and Honorary Advisor of KLEFF.

“We are already working on the 2019 festival and we hope that with this year’s great success and seeing how well received the festival is, we hope to kick start collaborating and partnering with organizations and corporate entities that share the same values with us in terms of mobilizing great action and passion for the environment. We look forward to exploring with more partners for 2019,” added Yasmin.

The winning films and filmmakers of this year’s 2018 film festival are:

Best Feature Film / Full Length Documentary

Film: Haze, It’s Complicated

Filmmaker: Isaac Kerlow

Country: Singapore


Best Short Documentary /TV Documentary

Film: Against The Tide: A Journey for Climate Hope

Filmmaker: Luis Barreto

Country: Japan


Best Short Film

Film: Invisible Blanket

Filmmaker: Pasha Reshikov

Country: United States


Best Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Film: Climate Countdown: Taking It To The Courts Post-it

Filmmaker: Kaia Rose

Country: United States


Best Animation

Film: Blue Tomorrow

Filmmaker: Numan Ayaz

Country: Turkey


Special Jury Award

Film: The Guardian of Kinabalu

Filmmakers: Llyod Spencer Davis & Wiebke Finkler

Country: New Zealand


ASEAN Young Filmmaker Award

Film: Ubin, Sayang

Filmmaker: Rachel Quek Siew Yean

Country: Singapore


KLEFF River of Life (ROL) Award

1st Place

Film: River of Life Expedition

Filmmaker: Linus Chung

Country: Malaysia


2nd Place


Filmmaker: Izaq Yuzaini bin Ismail

Country: Malaysia


3rd Place

Film: Her, River

Filmmakers: Muhammad Baseer, Batrishia Nurin and Asyraf Zaki

Country: Malaysia


Special Merit Award

  1. River of Life Expedition by Linus Chung
  2. Her, River by Muhamad Baseer, Batrishia Nurin and Asyraf Zaki
  3. Anak Pokok by Nadira Ilana
  4. Jejak Karbon by Muzzamer Rahman
  5. Let Me Tell You A Story, Nadya Husna Keumala
  6. Save Mother by Mark Lee
  7. Mr Garbage by Mark Lee
  8. Iron Lady by Mark Lee
  9. Save Our Souls by Nicholas Chin & Sean Lin
  10. The Hills and The Sea by Andrew Ng Yew Han
  11. Ways (Not) To Save Water by Arissa Lian
  12. Reclaiming Our Heritage: The Social Life of The Gombak River by Muhammad Hafiz Ardian and Raisalih Juhan
  13. Bats Life by Waad Sayed Hameed and Saeed Jaafaa Alawi


For more information & related photos: HTTP://BIT.DO/KLEFF2018-MEDIAKIT


The Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) is a not-for-profit environmental film festival that was established since 2008. The main driver behind KLEFF is EcoKnights, a not-for-profit environmental organization. KLEFF aspires to use environmental communication strategically via films and videos to increase, enhance, and encourage public awareness, action and participation in addressing solutions to today’s environmental challenges. More information about KLEFF can be obtained from

About EcoKnights

Established since 2005, EcoKnights focuses on core areas of sustainability such as sustainable community development, smart partnerships in mobilizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS), environmental youth-based volunteerism and leadership development in sustainability, and research and development. More information about EcoKnights can be obtained from


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