A Better Tomorrow

Runtime: 18:11
Country: Malaysia
Language: English
Category: 2019 | Short Documentaries/TV Documentaries (2019)

What does it take to build a better future? Meet the people who are passionate to improve their homeland, by bringing in something that they love.
Azlan Zarool, Writer, We Call Ourselves Explorers
Azlan Zarool, Producer, We Call Ourselves Explorers
Danial Idraki, Producer, N/A
Azlan Zarool, Composer, We Call Ourselves Explorers, Heroin Trails

Azlan Zarool

Azlan Zarool was never a storyteller. He passions for adventures. At a young age, he tried a lot of things that were out of the ordinary. From skateboarding to rock climbing, to pursuing music as a career. And along the way, he documented his experiences with photos and videos. Making albums and posting them on social medias, he collected his life into 2-D visuals as short stories for him, his families and friends to remember.

Graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Azlan pursued music composition because of his love in the art. He works as a freelancer at his company, Azlan Zarool Music, composing music, mixing audios and creating sound effects for documentaries, short videos and advertisements. But his passion for adventures still runs in his body, and he keeps it flowing through rock climbing. Azlan has been climbing for 7 years. It fulfills his thrill for adventures and has experienced many various life-changing circumstances. From camping in the desert without showering for days to getting stuck on a vertical rock cliff 3000 feet (900 meters) above ground overnight in near-freezing temperature, Azlan cherishes these excursions and lives for these moments, and all of his epic experiences are documented into his social media. Everyone who goes on an adventure with him knows that he is the documenter in the group. Always has his iPhone in his hand or his Canon 500D that he inherited to take pictures and videos. He finds that everything he documents tells a story.

With his talent in composing music and his post-production expertise, Azlan now ventures into the art of storytelling. He is still new in the filmmaking scene, but his produced climbing videos have been received with good remarks.

Azlan Zarool was never a storyteller, but he is dedicated to tell a story that will be remembered.

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