Bedtime Stories for the Brave

Runtime: 6:10
Country: Germany
Language: German
Category: 2019 | Short Film (2019)

A mother reads her daughter fairy tales about blue skies, the summer sun, and magical creatures called birds which travel tens of thousands of kilometers just to stay warm all year round… Everything we take for granted today has gone extinct; or now only lives in fantasy books, and people’s imagination. Our world is beautiful, and has enough ‘magic’ for those who look for it. Maybe if we see it through the eyes of an innocent child who will never see nature in her life time, it will be easier to understand what is at stake now if climate change, global warming and pollution continues unattended.
Ipek Sertöz, Director
Ipek Sertöz, Writer
REKLIM – Helmholtz Climate Initiative, Producer
Stephanie Gossger, , Key Cast“Mother”
Antonia Papendell, Key Cast, “Alice”
Virgile Bikindou, Cinematography
Kerem Esemen, Original Music
Feridun Emre Dursun, Original Music
Aycan Başar, Book Illustrator

Ipek Sertöz

Ipek Sertöz was born in Ankara, Turkey. She grew up on film sets and studios, travelling alongside her mother who is a documentary filmmaker. She started making her own short movies at the age of 12. In the last 8 years she has completed and screened more than tweenty films with various genres and styles. She currently lives in Berlin and is a directing student at the DEKRA university of applied sciences.

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