Film The Change: PLASTIC

Runtime: 40:00
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Category: 2019 | Short Documentaries/TV Documentaries (2019)

The group that I got together to make FTC: plastic are friends I've had since primary school.
the network of support and the small bit of funding we soon received from kicking off our BTInstagramam page turned the project from a small personal film to a feature-length and a non-profit production company.
because of this, the media boom that happened around plastic shortly after we began filming, and the truths we discovered from delving deep into the issue, the film became more than what it set out to be.
this is the documentation of what can happen when masses of people become aware of an environmental catastrophe, and demand change. And what can remain conveniently hidden and construed.
Laura Mahler, Director
Laura Mahler, Writer
Laura Mahler, Producer
Sam Hilton, Key Cast
Ben Waugh, Director of Photography
Nathan Dale, Head of Cinematography
Nathan Dale, Brand Designer

Laura Mahler

Writer, producer, director

Laura is an environmental researcher who swerved out of academia for a life of more impact – and Lights Camera Action

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