Finding Beauty in Garbage

Runtime: 7:19
Country: India
Language: English
Category: 2019 | Short Documentaries/TV Documentaries (2019)

This documentary is basically a satire on the menace of garbage pollution in general and in the city of dibrugarh, known as the "tea capital" of india, in particular. The film not only mocks at the fragile civic amenities in the city, like lack of garbage bins or total apathy towards cleaning them by the municipality but also shows the mirror to people's nature of littering garbage all over, without a second thought. This "mockumentary" thus, tries to sensitize citizens as also authorities towards better upkeep of the cleanliness of the city of dibrugarh.

Satyakam Dutta, Director
Satyakam Dutta, Writer
Satyakam Dutta, Producer
Rumanthan Films, Producer
Chandan Jugal Kakoty, Cinematography
Chandan Jugal Kakoty, Camera
Satyakam Dutta, Camera
Partha Pratim Bhuyan, Camera
Chandan Jugal Kakoty, Editing

Satyakam Dutta

Satyakam Dutta is an IRS (Indian Revenue Service) Officer, working for the Government of India. He has been vocal about societal issues and has special interests in clean the environment from all kinds of pollution, especially plastic pollution. Prior to joining the Government, he founded/co-founded many community-based projects, (the largest job portal of North East India), (the largest collaborative website for Assamese literature) and (the largest group of career counselors in North East India)

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