Go Explore – Hidden Gem

Runtime: 23:54
Country: Malaysia
Language: English
Category: 2019 | Short Documentaries/TV Documentaries (2019)

This film is about stumbling into the presence of dugongs in Malaysia and how the locals have been protecting the species - from the local fishermen to the eco-resorts, the marine department and scientists, the dugong bring so much joy at every encounter. Go Explore is a Travel Documentary Film Series about the unique & unexplored Malaysia. It delves into key topics of conservation & extinction, culture & traditions, hidden sights and untold myths & legends.
Mai Fernandez, Director
Yin Tan, Producer
Hannah Tan, Key Cast
Wong ShangShen, Editor

Mai Fernandez

Mai Fernandez began her career in 2000 as a Producer and Brand Manager for kids programming at broadcast network, ntv7 in Malaysia. In her time there, she produced an original children’s game show format based on the Italian animation, Tommy & Oscar. She was also head writer for the original Magic Box, a hosted programme curating shows for the kids brand. Subsequently, she was a staff scriptwriter for Malaysian sitcom, Kopitiam at Double Vision. Season 5 & 6 of Kopitiam gave her opportunities to direct. The show is currently on Netflix. Just as she finished her stint as a producer and director on Malaysian Idol S1, she founded phoSumpro! with 3 other partners. In phoSumpro!, she was showrunner, writer and director for various original award-winning scripted and non-scripted TV programmes including What Women Want (reality), What Men Want (reality drama), Jangan Lupa (tv movie) and Alam’s story (drama).

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