In the Dire Straits of Ujung Beting

Runtime: 23:00
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Category: 2019 | Short Documentaries/TV Documentaries (2019)

Fishermen become victims of most real of telahmemfasilitasi changes that occur at this time. Surface sea water kept high. The fortress of natural mangrove forests, now no longer able to keep out the window of the waves. Fishermen houses submerged sea water Lot moments. Adviesraad, they will no longer be able to sail as often as it used to be because the season is no longer predictable. That's a bit of a story or an idea of life in the coastal communities of the estuary of the kingpin, Bekasi, West Java. Due to the high sea water and perforating, 3 villages from six villages there, lost. The community of three villages was decided moved to villages that are still there. The threats now stalking perforating the remaining three villages. Local community bersiasat when sea water tide. Mangrove planting and exalt the home becomes one of the ways they avoid perforating. Sonhaji, teachers and fishermen at the mouth of the kingpin could only invite local people to be aware of the dangers that could come at any time by setting the village.
Dony P. Herwanto, Director
Dony P. Herwanto, Writer
Sapto Agus Irawan, Producer
Son Haji, Key Cast

Dony Herwanto

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