Lisbon Urban Sea

Runtime: 41:57
Country: Portugal
Language: Portuguese
Category: 2019 | Short Documentaries/TV Documentaries (2019)

MAR URBANO LISBOA is an environmental documentary about the unique Tagus Estuary, which sparks a debate on the water quality, the marine biodiversity, the future of the city and that of its metropolitan area. The city and its surroundings offer privileged work and living places as well as leisure spots. These areas are gateways to sea tourism, cruise ships, sailing and fishing boats.
MAR URBANO LISBOA also touches the relationship between city dwellers and tourists with the Tagus, the remnants of traditional fisheries and recreational fishing, the manufacturing of traditional boats – that stands up to all the changes – a reflection which doesn’t end at the waterfront area which, little by little was conquered by the locals, but instead enters and dives into the seabed of the Tagus Estuary and wanders by the seashore of that Lisbon sea, which lengthens from the Zona Oriental, from Margem Sul to Linha do Estoril.
MAR URBANO LISBOA is a documentary which stands up for the river Tagus, which testifies the marine ecosystems’ resilience, the Tagus’ waters quality evolution and that of the different species of typical Estuary marine life, equally influenced by climate changes.
José Vieira Mendes, Director, ‘Short Generations!?’ (2012); ‘Father What is the Crisis?’ (2012); ‘The memories cannot be delete’ (2014) and is co-director of ‘Lisbon Urban Sea’ (2019), movie that will be released very soon.
Ricardo Gomes, Director, Associated producer of the long documentary ‘Rio Breaks,’ 2009. In 2011 he directed the photography of the short film ‘Penis de Cor’, a film that participated in more than 70 film festivals in Brazil and abroad In 2014 he released the documentary ‘Mar Urbano’, in which he spent 15 years filming the underwater life of the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. In 2017 he released his second documentary ‘Urban Bay’ showing the underwater life of Guanabara Bay. ‘Baía Urbana’ participated in several festivals: 17th International Film Festival of Human Rights, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017, Filmambiente 2017, Brazil, Cine Eco 2017 – International Festival of Environmental Cinema of the Serra da Estrela – Lusofonia / Camacho Costa Grand Prix
José Vieira Mendes, Writer
Maria Angélica Monteiro da Costa, Producer

José Vieira Mendes, Ricardo Gomes

José Vieira Mendes
Journalist, film critic and documentaries director. Graduated in Mass Communication, and postgraduate in Television Production, by ISCSP-Social and Political Sciences High Institute of Lisbon University. He is editor-in-chief of MHD ( He was editor-in-chief of ‘PREMIERE’-The movies magazine. He was author of the blog ‘Imagens de Fundo, from Final Cut—Visão/JL, by Jornal de Letras and Visão magazine. He was host of the television show ‘Nights of Cinema’, in RTP Memória and commentator in Morning News Portugal, in RTP1, the portuguese public broadcasting.

Ricardo Gomes
Born in Rio de Janeiro.
Marine biologist graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Photographer, videographer, producer and director.
He worked for six years as assistant editor of photography for the newspaper O Globo.Since 1996 he has been reporting on publications such as the NY Times, Los Angeles Times,
Dallas Morning News, Der Spiegel (Germany) and Lonely Planet Guide (Australia). As a producer and videographer, he produced local productions in Rio de Janeiro for several international television productions filmed in Brazil, having worked for documentary films and reports for Chanel 4, BBC, RDI Canada, Lonely Planet and TV2 Denmark.

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