Masijago Porak Mai

Runtime: 24:00
Country: Indonesia
Language: English
Category: 2019 | Short Documentaries/TV Documentaries (2019)

Mentawai people are very dependent on the forest. They plant sago, chocolate, areca nut, coconut, and other plants to supply their daily foods. They are also find herbs, woods, and hunt in the forest. What they knew was entire land belonged to their ancestors, it means the land also belongs to them. Nowadays, they have anxiety. There are something from outside the land try to take over their land, something which can cut off their trees, something that restrict their movement. And someone inside the land will let you know about what they feel. He is a sikerei, a medicaster.
Gilang Syahbani, Director
Kenjhi Mashuri, Director
Gilang Syahbani, Writer
Sapto Agus Irawan, Producer
Aman Matik Siritoitet, Key Cast, “Medicaster”

Gilang Syahbani

Gilang Syahbani, born in Bekasi, February 12, 1993. I love the beauty of architecture and I stare to fine art for hours. I have been started make a documentary since May 2018, as I join the team at one of the tv station in Indonesia.



Kenjhi Mashuri, born in Jakarta, September 1, 1991. I love photography, videography, and automotive stuff. My hobby brought me to work at tv station, then I have been started make a documentary since 2015.

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