Pusenai, The Last Dayak Basap

Runtime: 24:09
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Category: 2019 | Short Documentaries/TV Documentaries (2019)

Pusenai (87thn), a woman from the local ethnic (Dayak Basap) who lived in the Teluk Sumbang village, the outermost village in Berau, East Kalimantan trying to adapt to the modernization after relocation from the forest to the settlement. Rattan weave into a media for Pusenai and the Dayak women to get together and discuss issues of their lives. The impact of globalization on the environment resulting is she had to look for rattan to tens of kilometers, and then the Dayak community Basap even threatened loss of forests and their identity.
Fajaria Menur Widowati, Director, Director
Miftahuddin, Director, Director and Camera Person
Bestina Virgiati, Producer, Producer
Daniel Rudi Haryanto, Producer, Producer
Agus Ramdan, Producer, Producer
Pusenai, Key Cast, “main actress”
Eagle Awards Documentary Competition
October 31, 2018
Best Film Documentary

Agus Ramdan

Fajaria Menur Widowati born on Bekasi, 1st August 1990, She had made kind of video such as documenter, she was to be Content Creator and made Youtube Channel Global English Course.

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