Runtime: 14:01
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Category: 2019 | Short Film (2019)

An extraterrestrial girl, from the planet Argos, is sent to Earth to find out if the Earth is worth saving or should be destroyed. She sees some things that are good and others that are bad. Her final report shows both aspects that she has found on Earth.
Andrea Álvarez Sánchez, Director
Daniel Domínguez Michael, Director
Andrea Älvarez Sánchez, Writer
Daniel Domínguez Michael, Producer
Sabina Domínguez Álvarez, Key Cast, “Mérida”
Marlene Espinoza, Key Cast, “Flora”
Mariana González, Key Cast, “Química del agua”
Karla Ramos, Key Cast, “Centro de reciclo”
Blas Domínguez, Key Cast, “Sembrador”

Andrea Alvarez Sánchez

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