Sustainable Visionaries: The Ecovillage

Runtime: 7:00
Country: Costa Rica
Language: Spanish
Category: 2019 | Short Documentaries/TV Documentaries (2019)

Why are our Latin American cities increasingly polluted, violent and unhappy? Could it be that we have to reconnect with nature? The sustainable visions of La Ecovillage are an example of how a community can live in complete harmony with the environment.
Jorge Sanchez Arias, Director
Jorge Sanchez Arias, Producer
Alejandra Zúñiga, Camarógrafos y Sonido
Iván Rojas, Camarógrafos y Sonido
Lahayam León, Asistecia de Producción
Proyecto Jirondai, Música

Jorge Sancheza

It is focused on sustainable, environmental and self development projects. After the communiqué of climate change of the scientific community of the IPCC (We have less than 12 years to reverse climate change), the commitment of his team, turned and decided to focus all knowledge in video makerting to sensitize people on environmental issues, of conscience and social responsibility.

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