TCCON Philippines

Runtime: 01:00:00
Country: Philippines
Language: English
Category: 2019 | Feature Films/Full-length Documentaries (2019)

In the fight to save the planet, Scientists and Entrepreneurs from the Philippines, Japan, and Australia team up to ameliorate the next biggest threat to mankind – Climate Change. But in order to fight the threat, the team must first understand it. Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON) is a network dedicated to the measurement of Carbon Dioxide and Methane in the atmosphere – the two major man-made greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. There are already more than 20 TCCON stations all over the world, but none in Southeast Asia, where a significant data gap exists for better global understanding of the processes concerning Climate Change. This is a documentary film with messages about Climate Change, Environmental Awareness, and Global Warming. The messages are delivered through documenting the TCCON Philippines project and the people involved. And in these people’s efforts to establish the first TCCON Station in Southeast Asia, the fight to save the planet advances.
Malcolm A. Velazco, Director
Malcolm A. Velazco, Writer
Malcolm A. Velazco, Producer
Vincent Velazco, Producer
Dr. Gundelina Velazco, Producer
Voltaire Velazco, Key Cast

Malcolm Vincent Velazco

After graduating from a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Information Technology, Malcolm A. Velazco took a Certificate Degree in Filmmaking at the International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu, Philippines. He then took several filmmaking job positions in the Philippines for 4 years, both in the government and private sector. In 2014, he started a production company – MAV Film Productions, with which he produced a number of corporate videos and documentaries for the Philippine government, Police, Foundations, and Museums. With years of education and experience in the film industry, Malcolm took a specialised course in Documentary Filmmaking at the Met Filmschool in Berlin, Germany in 2016. Shortly after the course, he went on to film and produce “TCCON Philippines” – a film documentary about the installation of the first Total Carbon Column Observing Network in Southeast Asia. It is a ground-based satellite station that monitors carbon concentrations in the atmosphere in the hope to fully understand the effects of Climate Change.

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