The Literary Method of Urban Design

Runtime: 16:05
Country: Thailand
Language: English
Category: 2019 | Short Documentaries/TV Documentaries (2019)

A charming young 'future expert' takes a fantastic journey through time and space; to far-flung real-world cities as they are re-imagined and re-designed anew based upon his favorite books of fiction.
Dr. Alan Marshall, Director
Dr. Alan Marshall, Writer
Dr. Alan Marshall, Producer
Nanthawan Kaenkaew, Producer
Shelley Marshall, Key Cast

Alan Marshall

Dr. Alan Marshall is a National Geographic explorer and an environmental studies professor at Mahidol University. The film ‘The Literary Method of Urban Design’ explains some of his urban futures research using artwork created by himself (with help from some of his colleagues & students and others). Alan Marshall lives and works in Thailand but is originally from New Zealand. This is his first movie production.

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