The Value of Biodiversity – Peru

Runtime: 29:00
Country: Peru
Language: English
Category: 2019 | Short Documentaries/TV Documentaries (2019)

The biodiversity of our planet is threatened like never before. Habitats and endangered wildlife disappear. But once the ecosystems are severely damaged, they can no longer produce clean water, fertile soil or fresh air – basic things we need for our own survival, too. “The Value of Biodiversity – Peru” investigates Manu National Park in south-eastern Peru, which is home to the greatest variety of animal and plant species known to science. This is particularly noticeable where birds are concerned. 1030 different types inhabit Manú, about ten per cent of all the world’s bird species. 228 different mammals have been identified here: roughly four per cent of all mammal species world-wide. The park is also home to countless species of invertebrates. The area is so remote, it is even home to uncontacted indigenous people. Now these magnificent forests are under threat by logging and by drug cartels growing cocaine. Illegal gold mining contaminates the river system with mercury, poisoning people and wildlife. The disappearance of endangered species like the giant otter might not affect us in Europe. But they are signs that ecosystems are no longer functioning: systems which work as a global network and on which we depend for the air we breathe, for healthy food, for clean water. Conservation is no luxury. The basis of our very existence is at stake.
Axel Gomille, Director
Axel Gomille, Writer
Volker Angres, Producer

Axel Gomille

Axel Gomille, born in 1970, studied biology in Frankfurt and Lakeland (Florida) and has a Masters degree in zoology. He is working as a journalist and filmmaker for ZDF, German Television, focusing on topics in zoology and conservation.

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