Runtime: 4:20
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Category: 2019 | Animation (2019)

Tukik, who has just hatched saw the sea and ran as fast as she could towards it. As soon as she arrived at the sea, Little Tukik swam happily while also looking at the beauty of the the seafloor around her. 23 years later, Tukik returned to the beach and wanted to lay her eggs. On her way there, she found out that the beach was covered by trashes. When she wanted to come back to the sea, she was entrapped by them.
Steven Halim, Director
Larry Lijuwardi, Writer
Devina Hidayat, Producer
Kala Cerita Final Project Animation Screening
January 28, 2019
Lecture Theatre Multimedia Nusantara University
Audience Choice

Devina Hidayat

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