Warriors for the Good

Runtime: 12:03
Country: Singapore
Language: English
Category: 2019 | Short Documentaries/TV Documentaries (2019)

In Warriors for the Good, we explore how various individuals in Singapore approach sustainable-living in their own ways, such as through business, family, campaigns, etc. Through this documentary, viewers can expect to gain knowledge about how to kick-start a sustainable lifestyle despite their hectic schedules. It may not seem apparent at the moment, but it is an issue that has to be confronted eventually.
Christabel Teo (Zhang Jia Rong), Director
Christabel Teo (Zhang Jia Rong), Writer
Alkiff Amran, Producer
Melissa Lam, Key Cast, “As herself”
Aarika Lee and family, Key Cast, “As themselves”
Anuja Byotra, Key Cast, “As herself”
Lara Rath Behura, Key Cast, “As herself”
Samuel Gmehlin, Key Cast, “As himself”

Craig McTurk

Warriors for the Good is the debut documentary film by Christabel Teo.

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