What to Do about Climate Disruption?

Runtime: 01:10:05
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Category: 2019 | Feature Films/Full-length Documentaries (2019)

In spite of much discussion of the problem for over a quarter of the century, observed temperatures and levels of carbon dioxide have only continued to increase. In this documentary, a wide variety of voices speak on the topic of what needs to be done about climate change, including those of congressmen and women speaking at town halls, of speakers at public events, of environmentalists being interviewed, and of experts appearing in other videos. The film explores avenues available for making progress, while capturing the passion of protesters and activists who understand the perils of maintaining business as usual.
Eric Simon, Director, What’s Going On with Wolves?
Eric Simon, Writer
Eric Simon, Producer
Daren Chadwick, Audio Post-Production
Henry Chadwick, Audio Post-Production
Accolade Global Competition
La Jolla, CA
United States
Award of Recognition
Docs Without Borders Film Festival
Nassau, DE
United States
Exceptional Merit
Spotlight Documentary Film Awards
Atlanta, GA
United States
Silver Spotlight Award
The Impact DOCS Awards
La Jolla, CA
United States
Award of Recognition
Miami Independent Film Festival
Miami, FL
United States
Official Selection
Tulum World Environment Film Festival
July 17, 2019
World Premiere
Official Selection
Indie Visions Film Festival
Charlottesville, VA
United States
Official Selection
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards
Los Angeles
United States
12th Annual Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival
Kuala Lumpur
October 12, 2019
Asian Premiere
Official Selection

Eric Simon

Eric Simon spent roughly half of his childhood in Paris, France, and the other half in southern California. After getting a Masters in environmental management from Duke University, he spent five years working for the state air quality agency in Sacramento, California. He then moved to the San Francisco area, where he worked for a start-up high tech company. He then got a Masters of Education from the University of San Francisco, and taught both math and French in public high schools. After teaching for five years, he studied in Germany for three years and received a technical media degree from the Fachhochschule Dusseldorf. While in Germany, he became interested in documentary filmmaking, and produced a short documentary about the future of solar energy in Europe, and then another video about places to see in and around Milan, Italy. Having nearly completed his second medium-length documentary, Eric aspires to make more. He speaks several languages and loves to travel. His first documentary, What’s Going On with Wolves?, can be viewed here: https://hof.swigit.com/movie/what-s-going-on-with-the-wolves

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