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Feature Films / Full-Length Documentaries



Director: Monique van Dijk Armor
Runtime: 01:00:18
Country: Netherlands

67 49 32 North

Director: Ece Soydam
Runtime: 55:30
Country: Canada

Beyond Climate

Director: Ian Mauro
Runtime: 49:00
Country: Canada


Director: Priya Thuvassery
Runtime: 52:00
Country: India

Engineering with Nature – An Ode to Water, Wood and Stone

Director: Shelly Solomon
Runtime: 01:17:00
Country: United States of America

Humpback Whales – A Detective Story

Director: Tom Mustill
Runtime: 59:00
Country: United States of America

Messages from the end of the world

Director: Matteo Born
Runtime: 51:15
Country: Switzerland

Poisoning Paradise

Director: Keely Brosnan
Runtime: 01:17:00
Country: United States of America

Sustainable Nation

Director: Asaf Yecheskel
Runtime: 01:00:00
Country: Israel

TCCON Philippines

Director: Malcolm Vincent Velazco
Runtime: 01:00:00
Country: Philippines

The Amazon Changers – Cook to Empower | 2019

Director: Esther Petsche
Runtime: 54:48
Country: Ecuador

The Flying Rivers

Director: Michael Zerbib
Runtime: 53:00
Country: Brazil

What to Do about Climate Disruption?

Director: Eric Simon
Runtime: 01:10:05
Country: United States of America
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