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Short Documentaries / TV Documentaries


A Better Tomorrow

Director: Azlan Zarool
Runtime: 18:11
Country: Malaysia

Alice in Borneo’s Ocean Wonderland

Director: David McGuire
Runtime: 10:52
Country: Malaysia

An Indonesian tuna tale: Championing sustainability

Director: Juliette Tunstall
Runtime: 6:02
Country: Indonesia

Blue Goes Green: Net Zero Police Station

Director: laure quinlivan
Runtime: 26:10
Country: United States of America

Blue Ventures

Director: Gabriel Diamond
Runtime: 6:06
Country: Madagascar

Building a Dam on My Land

Director: reports Lima
Runtime: 31:06
Country: Philippines

By The Water

Director: Kaelyn Maehara
Runtime: 12:19
Country: India

Cloud Kingdom

Director: Natasha Emir
Runtime: 13:45
Country: Malaysia

Disappearing Souls

Director: jayaprakash Bojan
Runtime: 25:00
Country: Indonesia

Earth & Water

Director: Paul Scott
Runtime: 14:18
Country: United Kingdom


Director: KM Taj-Biul Hasan
Runtime: 14:48
Country: Bangladesh

Film The Change: PLASTIC

Director: Laura Mahler
Runtime: 40:00
Country: United Kingdom

Finding Beauty in Garbage

Director: Satyakam Dutta
Runtime: 7:19
Country: India

Food To Live By

Director: Scarlet Nicole Rodríguez
Runtime: 14:15
Country: Mexico

Food, Earth, Happiness

Director: Patrick Lydon
Runtime: 20:00
Country: United States of America

Go Explore – Hidden Gem

Director: Mai Fernandez
Runtime: 23:54
Country: Malaysia

Helping hands dive

Director: Sebastian Andrei
Runtime: 15:49
Country: Malaysia

Hunting the Helmeted Hornbill

Director: Tim Laman, Tom Swartwout
Runtime: 12:27
Country: Thailand

In the Dire Straits of Ujung Beting

Director: Dony Herwanto
Runtime: 23:00
Country: Indonesia

Instruments in the Architecture: Building The Pianodrome

Director: Austen McCowan, Will Hewitt
Runtime: 13:15
Country: United Kingdom

Lisbon Urban Sea

Director: José Vieira Mendes, Ricardo Gomes
Runtime: 41:57
Country: Portugal

Living Building: The Ethel Lane House

Director: Denise Kenney
Runtime: 26:00
Country: Canada


Director: Patricio Mekis, Angel Marín
Runtime: 13:20
Country: Chile

Made in China: Reforming China’s Supply Chain

Director: Gabriel Diamond
Runtime: 9:21
Country: China

Masijago Porak Mai

Director: Gilang Syahbani
Runtime: 24:00
Country: Indonesia

New Russian Farmers In Love With Nature

Director: Alissa Amblard
Runtime: 44:00
Country: Russia


Director: Chris Schmid
Runtime: 5:57
Country: Botswana

Pilliga Rising

Director: mark pearce
Runtime: 39:45
Country: Australia

Pusenai, The Last Dayak Basap

Director: Agus Ramdan
Runtime: 24:09
Country: Indonesia

River of My Childhood

Director: Stanislav Schubert
Runtime: 26:00
Country: Russia


Director: karthic ss
Runtime: 12:40
Country: New Zealand

Sri Lanka – Big Four

Director: Thivanka Perera
Runtime: 5:10
Country: Sri Lanka

Stolen Apes

Director: Colin Sytsma
Runtime: 18:01
Country: Kenya

Sustainable Visionaries: The Ecovillage

Director: Jorge Sancheza
Runtime: 7:00
Country: Costa Rica

Tayo Tayo

Director: Patrick Chadwick
Runtime: 27:59
Country: France

The Literary Method of Urban Design

Director: Alan Marshall
Runtime: 16:05
Country: Thailand

The Loop

Director: Paul Niel
Runtime: 20:00
Country: Hong Kong SAR China


Director: Andrea Trivero
Runtime: 18:55
Country: Italy

The Sea and the Land

Director: Ines Reinisch
Runtime: 14:46
Country: Ireland

The Value of Biodiversity – Peru

Director: Axel Gomille
Runtime: 29:00
Country: Peru

To Find a Harpy

Director: Daniel O'Neill
Runtime: 19:01
Country: Guyana

Warriors for the Good

Director: Craig McTurk
Runtime: 12:03
Country: Singapore

Zé Wants To Know Why

Director: Bagabaga Studios
Runtime: 27:00
Country: Portugal
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