Date: 22 - 28 October 2018  Venue: PUBLIKA SOLARIS DUTAMAS

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Short Documentaries / TV Documentaries


A Novel Coral Restoration Concept – SECORE’s Pilot Project in Mexico

Director: Vanessa Cara-Kerr
Runtime: 00:20:00
Country: Germany

Against the Tide: A Journey for Climate Hope

Director: Luis Barreto
Runtime: 00:30:00
Country: Japan


Director: Ashwini Kumar Bhat
Runtime: 00:41:17
Country: India

Anak Pokok

Director: Nadira Ilana
Runtime: 00:07:38
Country: Malaysia

Cascade Crossroads

Director: Ted Grudowski
Runtime: 00:30:58
Country: United States of America

Cedar Tree of Life

Director: Odessa Shuquaya
Runtime: 00:10:36
Country: Canada

Cleaned; Not Clean

Director: Yap Chun Yuong
Runtime: 00:11:17
Country: Singapore

Forest Blind

Director: Kyeong-Cheol Seol
Runtime: 00:44:22
Country: South Korea


Director: Frank Oly
Runtime: 00:19:10
Country: Australia

Harvests of Hope: New Orleans

Director: Karen Buchsbaum & Koorosh Farchadi
Runtime: 00:09:31
Country: United States of America

Iron Lady

Director: Mark See Teck Lee
Runtime: 00:03:32
Country: Malaysia

Let Me Tell You A Story

Director: Nadya Husna Keumala
Runtime: 00:03:49
Country: Indonesia

Mangrove, The Sacrifice of A Land

Director: Alain Chaviano Aldonza
Runtime: 00:26:43
Country: Ecuador


Director: Sajeed A
Runtime: 00:04:00
Country: India

Mr. Garbage

Director: Mark See Teck Lee
Runtime: 00:03:29
Country: Malaysia

Murder on the Reef

Director: Allen Dobrovolsky
Runtime: 00:29:35
Country: Australia

Passport in Their Palm

Director: Florian Wiesner
Runtime: 00:07:00
Country: Malaysia

Penguin Protectors

Director: Jessie Ayles
Runtime: 00:05:30
Country: United Kingdom

People of the Forest: Orang Rimba

Director: Isaac Kerlow
Runtime: 00:14:12
Country: Singapore

Reclaiming Our Heritage: The Social Life Of The Gombak River

Director: Muhammad Hafiz Ardian Shah & Raisalih Juhan
Runtime: 00:37:00
Country: Malaysia

Religious Views and World Climate

Director: Mohd Khairul bin Omar
Runtime: 00:05:18
Country: Malaysia

Salmon: The Wild Connection

Director: Liz McKenzie
Runtime: 00:09:59
Country: United States of America

Save Our Souls

Director: Nicholas Chin & Sean Lin
Runtime: 00:04:19
Country: Malaysia

The Ancient People of Namibia

Director: Burak Dogansoysal
Runtime: 00:25:33
Country: Turkey

The Angel’s Secrets

Director: Elodie Turpin
Runtime: 00:26:03
Country: Canada

The Hills and the Sea

Director: Andrew Ng Yew Han
Runtime: 00:17:00
Country: Malaysia

The Jungle Man…Loiya

Director: Farha Khatun
Runtime: 00:20:00
Country: India

The Patterns of the Ocean – Protecting Indonesia’s Manta Rays

Director: Hendrik S. Schmitt
Runtime: 00:45:00
Country: Germany

The Planter

Director: Rômulo Villela, Rafael Machado
Runtime: 00:04:00
Country: Brazil

The Python Code

Director: Andreas Ewels
Runtime: 00:28:45
Country: Germany

The Singing Ape, Gibbon

Director: Choi, Pyeongsoon
Runtime: 00:45:18
Country: South Korea

The Sun on Top of The House

Director: Farhan Umedaly
Runtime: 00:13:49
Country: Canada

Tied To The Sea

Director: Gillian Burt
Runtime: 00:23:51
Country: Canada

Ubin, Sayang

Director: Rachel Quek Siew Yean
Runtime: 00:29:40
Country: Singapore

Underground Harvest

Director: Silvia Vignato, Christian Giuffrida & Parsifal Reparato
Runtime: 00:38:00
Country: Italy

Waste Dreams

Director: Michael Brims
Runtime: 00:29:19
Country: Colombia

Ways (not) To Save Water

Director: Sammy Teng Tzy Tong
Runtime: 00:07:16
Country: Malaysia
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