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Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) 2017 Guidelines

Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) 2017 Guidelines

KLEFF is upon us and we are eager to celebrate sustainability with everyone. Annually, this festival welcomes various people from different background, not only to have fun but also to learn from workshops, forums, and films. If you are new to KLEFF and you have no idea what to do during the festival, no worries as below is a simple guideline for all of you.

  • Bring your own shopping bags as you will shop ‘til you drop at our Green Market.
  • Carpool to the festival because it is eco-friendly since we are all about green lifestyle, and its parking space is expected to be limited.
  • Bring along your friends and family, simply because the more the merrier!
  • Attend our handy workshops and inspiring forums to gain knowledge relating to sustainability during the festival.
  • Play some fun games at the game stations to relieve yourself from work-stress.
  • Watch cool live performances and support different talented local music and art performances ranging from modern music to traditional music.
  • Watch the film screenings from many stupendous film-makers who have submitted their creation.
  • Last but not least, just enjoy your time at the festival!

By following this guideline, it is a guarantee that you will have an amazing time during the festival! That’s not all! Here’s a little fun trivia about our previous KLEFF!

  • In the early days, KLEFF was known as Eco Film Festival or EFF.
  • The first ever KLEFF or ‘EFF’ was held at Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA).
  • During KLEFF 2015, there was a totally spontaneous Silat Flash Mob happening at the Square, performed by these super cool group of people!
  • There was a series of radio interview covering our KLEFF 2015, thanks to The Durian Heat! Here’s a radio interview with musical guests, Alena Murang and Jes Ebrahim!
  • Harun Rahman, the award-winning film-maker for the short documentary, Sumatra’s Last Tigers for KLEFF 2015 said that filming tiger is way easier than human. He stated, “Tigers can be predicted if we learn from their habits. But human is hard, because you have to deal with their ego.”
  • A total of 290 volunteers from all walks of life have volunteered for our KLEFF 2016!
  • The 2016 winner for the Best Short Documentary, ‘A Last Stand for Lelu’, – Farhan M. Umedaly – is a multi-talented person. Other than being a brilliant film-maker, he has a background in neurobiology, renewable energy, sales & marketing and is also a multi-instrumentalist music producer!
  • Iedil Putra, an aspiring actor who won the Best Director Award at the Short & Sweet Festival was the emcee for KLEFF 2016 Award Ceremony.
  • During the KLEFF 2016, the winner of MyHijau Selfie Competition got a free ride in the electric car, Tesla by the GreenTech Malaysia.

We can’t wait to discover and experience more enticing new things with all of you. See you at this year’s KLEFF!

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