Date: 22 - 28 October 2018Β  Venue: PUBLIKA SOLARIS DUTAMAS

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KLEFF Wall of Testimonials

KLEFF Wall of Testimonials

[blockquote author=”Anthony Wong of Frangpani Langkawi, KLEFF Accommodation Partner and Food For Future Forum speaker”]Thank you Eco Knight for organising the 10th KLEFF and amazing work recognising the Environment AWARENESS through short film. A great film is more than a Millions Words and often touches the Heart. And the workshop was great learning. l myself attended Jon Jandai workshop on Effective Micro Organism. Excellent new knowledge.
And listening to others sharing their real life experiences makes us realise our goals are same and good to work and learn from each other. Congratulations again.[/blockquote][blockquote author=”Pelf Nyok of Turtle Conservation Society, Women Leadership in Sustainability Forum”]KLEFF not only provided the platform for filmmakers to showcase their films, it also enabled many others to get involved, in the green markets, in the sustainability series forums, and in the various workshops that were held. Hopefully through this annual event, we are able to reach out to more people, and they in turn be more tuned in to our current environmental issues. We need more eco-warriors!
[/blockquote][blockquote author=”Isaac Ho, Green Vibes performer”]I thought KLEFF was a great success and it was an amazing experience seeing so many people getting together to celebrate and appreciate our environment.[/blockquote][blockquote author=”Tan Kai Ren, KLEFF volunteer”]Working with the core team which is serious, hard-working yet know how to enjoy the process is full of surprise. It is worth every drop of sweat to be part of young knights of nature in the battling for a greener future.[/blockquote][blockquote author=”Ong Kah Jing, filmmaker of The Conservation Conversation”]KLEFF is an engaging, inspiring and enlightening experience for filmmakers from all around the world to discuss both ambitions and issues of environmental conversation.[/blockquote][blockquote author=”Johanan Kong, Festival Workshop Coordinator”]KLEFF is definitely the first of its kind here in Malaysia and is an inspiration to many. More awareness needs to be raised among Malaysians on the state of the environment and this is just a step towards it.[/blockquote]
[blockquote author=”Rhonwyn of Project Whee!, Youth Leadership for Sustainable Development Goals Forum speaker”]Those who didn’t attend at least one of the days definitely missed out on one of the most anticipated festivals of the year. to have so many like-minded individuals gather together for a week-long KLEFF was truly inspiring![/blockquote][blockquote author=”Nabil of The Kasanovas, Green Vibes performer”]KLEFF was a huge success with its’ unique sense of awareness towards eco & environment. The event was a splendid endeavour to inculcate love towards nature and arts. We, The Kasanovas, consider ourselves lucky to be able to be a part of this wonderful event and hope to collaborate with Ecoknights again in the future! Kudos to Ecoknights![/blockquote][blockquote author=”Shaq Koyok, Wajah Bumi artist and Weaving Workshop coordinator”]As a working artist, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the KLEFF team. I found the organisation thoroughly professional and the ethics of creating a better Malaysia ties in with my personal philosophy. Everything was well organized including the exhibition and workshops which I contributed to.[/blockquote][blockquote author=”Janak Prateek, KLEFF volunteer”]Volunteering with KLEFF was a great way for me to network as well as learn more about the environment, our impact and what we are doing to solve current environmental issues. The EcoKnights team were great and informative, however there was a point where I had no work to do and was idle for a few hours- many other volunteers shared the same concern. I feel that the experience was great but can be improved with better resource management and organization.[/blockquote][blockquote author=”Mok Yi Ying, KLEFF Festival Manager”]I started to do hide-and-seek at the dimmed corner of Black Box, submerging myself into a series of moving pictures that beat into our heart and souls. I circled and oscillated between The Square and Green Market, immersing myself into voices and footsteps that rhymed with the music and tempos. I joined in and out of workshops and talks, trying my best in get myself into senses, relating back to the whole imagination and harsh reality of Malaysia’s environmental movement. I’m here now with KLEFF, being in my best self, armed with knee-shallow knowledge, diving into the sea of knowledge that the festival has yet to provide to all.[/blockquote]

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