Creative Inspiration

Film Festival

Creativity comes in all sorts of forms, with films being one of them. We believe that the power of film has the ability to educate and advocate for environmental issues by painting a bigger picture of the world through the lenses of creativity.

Active Empowerment

Eco DIGITAL Carnival

Taking action is the next crucial step for each individual to play a role in making a change for the environment. We believe that the power of experiential learning can inspire and empower individuals from different walks of life to work together for a greener environment.

Creative Inspiration


The centre of attraction of the festival, this activity advocates the usage of films as a tool of communication in spreading the message of environmentalism. Films of various genres from different countries are screened during KLEFF for the public to learn more about the different happenings of the world through the lens of filmmakers.


We believe that films with great environmental messages and thought-provoking perspectives should be given a chance to be in the KLEFF Film Competition. The committee will choose films that qualify into the finalist round and if chosen as a winner, will be awarded during the KLEFF Award Ceremony.


An award ceremony where award-winning films are recognised and celebrated not only by KLEFF but also its partners from the governmental and corporate sectors.

Each year, there will be the general award categories and special award categories for films to participate in. Invited guests will also be able to network with the filmmakers, panel jury, festival partners, media and environment advocates.


KLEFF2020 IS NOW Open for Submission!

Film is a powerful form of communication and that is exactly what we want from you! This year’s theme is ‘Climate (in)Justice’, which encompasses films that cover climate change, overlapping with other environmental and social topics. With that, we welcome all sorts of film submissions that fall within the category of the theme this year.
Now Open!

Active Empowerment

School of Sustainability (SOS)

The SOS brings various educational classes to the public in environmental and sustainability education that adopts fun and interactive practical learning. SOS touches on topics such as urban farming, community-centric waste management and art with nature. Definitely a great program for all ages!


Through smart partnerships with different organizations and individuals, the Act4SDGs is a platform for various pocket events that act as catalysts to create an impact for the environment and communities, calling for action in different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Green Vibes

A lineup of various performances focusing on spreading environmental messages to the public. These local performances are performed in all genres and types in order to encourage more people to support environmental efforts and also taking action in the journey of sustainability on different levels. This year’s Green Vibes will be helping to fund-raise and support some of EcoKnights’ environmental outreach programs.


Volunteers help the working committee to make each KLEFF successful. Every year we get around 200+ applications. They get exposure to the various efforts of sustainability in Malaysia together with an education and awareness on sustainability and what they can do. The youth makes up most of volunteers every year.

‘Pick Your Side’ Petition

As a mandate to this year’s KLEFF, the festival aims to collect public petitions through film screening sessions, whereby the collective response will be used to request for governmental support towards environmental education and advocacy. The goal is to collect at least 10,000 signs as a mark for a bottoms-up approach to the demand for screening award-winning environmental films in the mainstream media.

Petition progress

195 Supporters

10,000 Goal


Road to 10,000 Signatures


The Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) is Malaysia’s first and longest-serving platform promoting sustainable living through showcases of environmentally-themed films and programs. Since 2008, KLEFF’s mission is to accelerate mainstreaming of sustainable living and stewardship of the environment through the power of audio visual materials and activities.

In the month of October, KLEFF hosts the screening of more than 50 films reaching to an audience of more than 5,000. With the collaboration of partners and sponsors, KLEFF is gradually becoming the nation’s celebrated grassroots cultural and environmental event.

The Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival is a not-for-profit program organized by local environmental NGO, EcoKnights.

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