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Confession of An Ex Shopaholic by Jasmine Tuan


Featuring Jasmine as she shares her transformational journey went from Maximalism to Minimalism! The capsule wardrobe (a downsized wardrobe) mix and match workshop will encourage attendance to expand and explore new ways of wearing the same few pieces through unconventional styling, mixing and matching. There’s really no right and wrong in fashion, when confidence is the key!

  • Date: 12th Oct 2019 (Saturday)
  • Time: 11.00am – 1.00pm
  • Venue: The Square, PUBLIKA

** All tools and materials are provided.



About Jasmine Tuan (Ex-shopaholic and Zero-waste Advocate)

Jasmine Tuan was a shopaholic, a hoarder, a collector and very well organized one! She knew something was wrong whenever she stared at her exploding walk-in-wardrobe, thinking she has nothing to wear. In 2015, when she was offered an opportunity to live and work in Malaysia, it was then she downsized her life from a walk-in wardrobe to a rack full. The currency exchange got her excited about shopping again and the vicious cycle returned.
End 2017, Jasmine chanced upon Zero Waste Malaysia FB group. Encouraged by the supportive community and the success of their very first Zero Waste Festival at the event space she was managing, Jasmine decided to embark on a zero-waste journey in 2018 and zero shopping on fashion items too! It hasn’t been an easy ride but it’s been freeing and exciting for her to exercise her creativity in a whole new level. She will be sharing some tips and learnings she has gathered so far in her journey, how she manages to stop shopping altogether yet manage to get new styles and looks from time to time.

Brandmama is a creative brand consultancy. We Create – Develop – Enhance businesses no matter which stage you are at. Coming from design and branding background, having run its own retail business and being a consumer, Brandmama is able to offer an all-rounder perspective on your products and services. Brandmama also specialize in creating efficient business operation flow, staffs trainings, and cost savings with waste reduction and eco consciousness practices.
Rent My Wardrobe – KL is a side project triggered from My Zero Waste Journey.
After watching The True Cost, Jasmine felt that most consumers do not know who made their clothes. #FashionRevolution
Most of the time, the cheap, fast and disposable fashion we buy are made from sweat shops. Rent instead of Buy for that special occasion. You will most likely wear that dress one time only.
Blackmarket – was a retail concept store Jasmine had in Singapore (2008-2013) featuring the best of Asia’s designers ie: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines,… With the opportunity to live and work in Malaysia end 2015, I started using the brand again, this time round for a second hand flea market call The Black Market Weekend – a sporadic weekend market. Blackmarket will also pop up as a preloved charity store at the Mezzanine of REXKL starting September.
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