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How To Pop-Up A Farm At Your House by Poptani Asia


You’ve always wanted to start your own farm at home, but not so sure how?  Come and join our discussion on the easiest ways you can start and how to grow from there:

  • How to assess your site – what can you do with what you have?
  • Explore the many options of how to farm,
  • Find out how to get the support you need to succeed and grow.

  • Date: 12th Oct 2019 (Saturday)
  • Time: 11.00am – 1.00pm
  • Venue: Blue Bridge, PUBLIKA

** All tools and materials will be provided.




About Ashaari Rahmat (The Pop’s General of Poptani Asia and Plant Whisperer)

Ashaari came across Permaculture from a good friend who went to an intro course in 2010. Immediately got hooked with the philosophy behind it – resonates with how he look at the world. Today he aims to reach out to more people to consult, design and build urban farms at their home, given the right tools and knowledge.



About Poptani Asia

Poptani Asia started in 2015 with one vision in mind – A Farm In Every House.

Food crisis, environmental degradation and overpopulation are some issues that is brewing in this world today. The dependencies of urban dwellers on other people to produce food is one huge contributing factor to the problems above. There is enough research to prove that urban farming is a great and simple solution all of us can embark on.

The ‘Pop’ and team are committed to help turn every home into a food production machine as well. Through the use of appropriate technology and innovation, we can now build modular farm units that can suit different types of homes. We envision a world where people think of food in so much abundance, because every single person is producing food more then what they consume. Fresh, healthy and plenty!

Let’s put an end to our food problems, one house at a time.

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