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Mangrove Tannin Natural Dye by Xiapism


Mangrove forest is extremely important for the protection of our coastlines, it is also a rich ecosystem providing rich natural recourses. Mangrove tannin dye is making use of the bark of the trees to make into dye bath for dyeing fabric in the most natural way, this dyeing method was used by the local fishermen along the west coast of Malaysia to strengthen their fibrous fishing nets back then. Now we are combining it with tie dye technic to turn this old wisdom into an art form.

The workshop covers
A. Doing the natural tie-dye.
B. Each participant will get to dye a tote bag and a tenugui towel
C. Sharing on mangrove forest and how we prepare the dye bath.
D. Sunning the pieces
E. Introducing the usage of tenugui or Furoshiki

  • Date: 12th Oct 2019 (Saturday)
  • Time: 2.00pm – 5.00pm
  • Venue: The Square, PUBLIKA

** All tools and materials are provided.



About Beng Lim (Xiapism Co-Founder)

Born and raised in a small fishing town called Pontian in Johor, growing up along the coastline, sunset and mangrove were his most familiar backdrop as he was playing basketball, cycling outside, or sitting in front of the mudding seaside. 40 years later today, it pains his heart to see the dramatic reduction of mangrove forest.
Spent over 20 years of his career in the publication in Singapore, but having a greater passion in the fine art and spiritual cultivation, and a keen interest in human psychology. Now returned to his homeland Malaysia, slowly but surely Xiapism was born as a platform for him to do something about creating awareness for mangrove forest.


About Jo Wong (Xiapism Co-Founder)

She believes in life taking its own course and synchronicity. Having resigned from the corporate world, she decided to let life flow the way shows. Natural dye had always struck a chord in her being while travelling and searching, teachers crossed her path, ideas came to her. In search of local resources that we can call our own, mangrove dye method magically fall onto her laps. Slowly but surely, she co-founded Xiapism with her husband Beng Lim.
Spanning almost 20 years in the scene of graphic design and advertising in Singapore, to develop a pair of keen eyes for styles and concept is certainly no surprise, she is now the core creative in the team.

About Xiapism 
Pontian is blessed with a lot of mangrove forest that help us protect the coastline. In the 50s, fishing nets were all made of jute, they tore easily over time, fishermen found that mangrove tannin could strengthen their fishing nets. So what they did was they took the bark of mangrove trees to create bath to treat the nets, and their nets could last longer and stronger. They also used the bath to dye their clothes that they wore to go out fishing when wet, tannin on the cloths made them dry faster, and it was said that tannin turns their clothes into very good windbreaker against chilling weather. This technic is long forgotten, with the right conditions, Terra Creative got to learn about it and is now applying it in designing a line of eco-friendly products – Xiapism.

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