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Panel Forum: The Why In Photography By Society of Conservation Biology


This forum will explore the significance and intangible aspects of photography in conservation.
  1. ‘Journeys and Compositions’ by Ghaneshwaran Balachandran
  2. ‘Substantiating Science with Arts’ by Sanjitpaal Singh
  3. ‘Investing in a Photographer for Conservation’ by Ravinder Kaur
  4. ‘Why I Photograph What I Photograph’ by Mahesh Kulkarni
  5. ‘Why and How Am I Progressing Towards Zero Waste Lifestyle’ by Pramada Kulkarni




What is it about?

This forum will explore the significance and intangible aspects of photography in conservation.

When and Where?

Date: 12th October 2019 (Saturday)

Time: 2pm – 4pm

Venue: White Box, Publika

Who are the speakers?

Ghaneshwaran Balachandran

Ghaneshwaran Balachandran is a photojournalist and film presenter specializing in natural history, conservation and environmental subjects. With a blend of documentary, fine art and thought provoking narratives in his story telling, Ghaneshwaran has since earned acclaims from international awards and featured by National Geographic, DailyMail and Newshub. His aim is to bridge the intricate relationship between people and the planet, while walking with organizations and movements.

Title of talk: Journeys and Compositions
This forum will explore the intersections of my personal journey, photographic style and the constant urge to discover a greater purpose.
Sanjitpaal Singh

Sanjitpaal Singh is a Malaysian nature and wildlife photographer. He has been in the field of photography for 15 years and has been rewarded with various international awards. He has also received numerous accreditation working together with environmental NGOs, advertising agencies, magazines and daily press. Apart from his wildlife works, Sanjit also supplies photography services for events and creative assignments. His love of photography has gained him support from various photographic brands and supporting photographic products. He also conducts workshops and seminars and has judged photo competitions.

Title of Talk: Substantiating Science with Arts. 
As a nature, wildlife & conservation photographer, scientists & field researchers should have the chance to present their works in compelling storytelling form to gain understanding and support from the masses. Apart from the stories of these researchers, there’s an absolute need to tell the stories of their research subjects and portray them from the eyes of the researcher. Visually presenting their stories is my contribution to the world of conservation.
Ravinder Kaur

Ravinder Kaur is a PhD student with university Malaya, working to conserve hornbills in the Kinabatangan through international funding and the support of ngo HUTAN/KOCP.

Title of Talk: Investing in a Photographer for Conservation.
A photographer can help take your project further, by leaps and bounds. As a scientist, one can provide the data, the impressive statistics, the graphs and charts but we also need artists to send the message out there, attract funders and community support. Let the artist do what they do best and scientist should do what they do best.
Mahesh Kulkarni

Mahesh Kulkarni is a photographer using his photography to create awareness about the need of conservation of nature. He travels extensively within south-east Asia and India, looking for the perfect moment and the right story.

Title of Talk: Why I Photograph What I Photograph

With my imagery, I tell stories of what, how and when with an intention of raising awareness on environmental issues we are facing today such as habitat destruction. I found my interest towards photography turning into a hobby and today, a passion with a significant focus.

Pramada Kulkarni

Pramada Kulkarni is on a mission to empower the vision of curbing plastic pollution and is in a journey to a Zero Waste lifestyle. She is also an Airbnb superhost.

Title of Talk: Why and How Am I Progressing Towards Zero Waste Lifestyle. 

I realized the extensive damage happening to the environment through our garbage and waste. This has prompted me to change my habits and slowly adapt to a zero waste lifestyle.

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