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Pocket Talk: Youth Leaders in the Environmental Industry


Date    : 11th October 2019

Time   : 3.00PM – 3:45 PM

Venue: Hall Five (5), Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Fee: Free

What is it about?

The term “future generations” has always been used to represent the youth as the next stewards in the environmental field. So how do they start being leaders and good stewards of the environment now? Come and listen to a panel consisting of young team leaders from EcoKnights who are currently managing projects and community engagement. They will be sharing their experience and knowledge on how youth leaders can play their role in advocating sustainability for the future.

Who are the speakers?
Mok Yi Ying, EcoKnights Public Outreach Officer

A graduate from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu with a B.Sc degree in Biodiversity Conservation and Management, Mok Yi Ying is EcoKnights’ trusted Public Outreach Officer. Responsible for EcoKnights’ public engagement and social responsibility program, Mok’s love for nature and the environment stems from her altruistic personality. In 2016, she became the Research Assistant for the Sea Turtle Research Unit (SEATRU) which widened her experience and knowledge in sea turtle conservation.

As EcoKnights’ Public Outreach Officer, Mok is actively involved in community engagement and raising public awareness on pressing environmental issues, both locally and internationally. She has managed, coordinated and executed numerous initiatives to serve as a platform for ecological awareness and environmental education for the public from all walks of life.

Always being passionate about the wildlife and environment, Mok joined ClimatEducate in 2016 and is working her way to reach out to as many people as she can to create self-awareness as well as educate and inspire them on sustainable living, wildlife conservation and climate change. She believes that through youth participation and empowerment, all we need to do is JUST KEEP GOING!

Johanan Kong, EcoKnights Youth Development and Volunteerism Officer

Johanan is the Youth Development and Volunteerism Officer in EcoKnights. Passionate for all things thrilling and exciting, he seeks out his next adrenaline rush currently by scuba diving or futsal. Graduating from the University of the West of England (UWE) with a BSc. degree in Biological Sciences, he is now giving back to his country by championing for a more sustainable Malaysia together with EcoKnights.

As the Youth Development and Volunteerism Officer, he believes that empowering the youth in the field of sustainability will provide a better future for all. He has run multiple events with volunteers from all ages not just the youths, empowering and equipping Malaysians in their journey towards a more sustainable future. One of his biggest projects is the Empowering Youths Across ASEAN Programme (EYAAP) with Maybank Foundation, in which he coordinated a 2-week training programme for 10 ASEAN youths in sustainable farming, circular economy and community engagement.

As a budding conservationist, he hopes to combine his passion for diving together with photography to share with the rest what is happening to the world underwater due to the actions that we take on land. He believes that through each small action, we can all play our part in helping restore the planet.

Luqman Avicenna, EcoKnights Graphic Designer

Luqman Avicenna is the current driving force behind the EcoKnights creative department. Luqman has had a long history with EcoKnights, having been converted into a fan of the companies activities and philosophy during his experience with the first-ever EcoKnights ‘Knight of Nature’ camp. When it came time for him to seek a career, he knew what he wanted to do; EcoKnights was the first place that received his resume.

In a bid to secure his internship application, Luqman had showcased an original infographic that he made during his final interview in an effort to impress the HR director.  He based the infographic on an article he found on the EcoKnights Facebook page which he felt didn’t get as much traction as it should have. He proposed adding his own visual touch to the post in the form of an infographic. Seeing potential in his design ability, the EcoKnights team decided to bring him on as a graphic intern. He has had to create collateral for a diverse array of green-topics, from composting and riverine health, all the way to youth empowerment and plastic-free lifestyles. He was made a junior designer in 2018.

Luqman carries the same goal that his mentor, Azizul Yusof, carried before him: Branding EcoKnights as the thought leader in its niche by producing one-of-a-kind green content and visual materials built around simplicity, elegance, and creativity.


Fadly Bakhtiar, KLEFF Festival Director

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