Date: 22 - 28 October 2018  Venue: PUBLIKA SOLARIS DUTAMAS

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The 10th KLEFF Launched Environment-themed Social Media Campaigns in collaboration with MBO Cinemas, EcoKnights, Guardian Malaysia and The Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa.

The 10th KLEFF Launched Environment-themed Social Media Campaigns in collaboration with MBO Cinemas, EcoKnights, Guardian Malaysia and The Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa.

16th November 2017 – In conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival 2017, KLEFF launched its first social media campaigns to encourage public’s participation in environmental sustainability through a medium that is both fun and engaging.



The social media campaigns comprised of four different phases and notable collaborators. The first campaign, called MyKLEFFStory, was in partnership with MBO Cinemas. The social media-led campaign captured the public’s view on environmental sustainability through a unique mean of storytelling – movie review. In less than 50 words, a total of 37 contestants had shared their MyKLEFFStory by writing a short story about a movie (of any genre) that conveyed environmental message to its audience. 10 best winners were selected and these show the significance of film (and film-making) as mediums in terms of being able to move and inspire people to think deeper about environmental sustainability.




The second social media campaign was in collaboration with the not-for-profit environmental organization, EcoKnights. A sweepstake contest was conducted whereby participants of KLEFF who signed up for any of KLEFF activities (film screenings, forums, workshops and talks) stood a chance to win EcoKnights’ compost bin worth RM80. The compost bin was a great kit-starter pack for the 5 lucky individuals who won to start practice green living by composting their food waste.



The third social media campaign was a collaborative effort with Guardian Malaysia. KLEFF volunteers, partners, visitors, supporters and any individuals who were a part of KLEFF 2017 were given the chance to win RM50 Guardian voucher by submitting their MyKLEFFStory. All they had to do was share their amazing experiences at KLEFF via Facebook and Instagram. 33 contestants had shared their KLEFF journey and 20 winners were selected. The campaign managed to bring people together towards a collective goal which was to inspire and spread environmental awareness to others.




The final campaign was a joined effort between KLEFF 2017 and The Frangipani Langkawi Spa and Resort. The public are required to write a short story of not more than 150 words about an environmental hero who has empowered them to live more sustainably. From KLEFF, we have heard many stories about sustainability leaders, advocates, practitioners and supporters whose environmental efforts are worth applauding. Through this campaign, we want to encourage the public to acknowledge and recognize these local environmental heroes who are making a change to this world. The final campaign is still on-going as it will end on 19th November. The public is encouraged to participate and join the environmental movement now as they stand a chance to win a 3 days 2 nights stay at the breathtaking Frangipani Langkawi Spa and Resort.



Below are some photos of the winners of KLEFF’s social media campaigns:

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