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Your Ultimate Green Screen Experience Is Back!

Your Ultimate Green Screen Experience Is Back!

The Kuala Lumpur International Eco Film Festival (KLEFF 2016) is back for its 9th year and will run for three days from 14th-16th October 2016. We would like to welcome you to join us for the film screening for your ultimate green screen!

The details of the film screening are as below:

  1. Malaysian Film Maker’s Night
    Day : Friday, 14th October 2016
    Time                      : 6.30 PM- 11.00 PM
    Venue                  : Black Box, Publika
  1. Film Screening (International Film Makers)
    Day : Saturday and Sunday, 15th-16th October 2016
    Time                     : 10.00 AM-11.00 PM
    Venue                  : Black Box, Publika

What are the films that will be screened?

If you wish to experience the works of Malaysian film makers, including participation from our university partners, Friday, 14th October 2016 would be the perfect night for you. However, if you wish to watch the films from other countries, the weekend would be the night for you to learn about environment from a global perspective

Please note that the booking of film screening is based on sessions in which, each session consists of about four or more films.

How do I register myself

STEP 1: Check the filming schedule and choose your session(s) at

STEP 2: Register yourselves online at : You may register up to 4 pax only as we’d like to give spaces to other audience as well. The seats are limited to 100 only so hurry and register yourself now!

STEP 3: Please keep the ticket which have been sent to your email and present it on the day

Film Makers who will be attending the festival**:

We have also invited film makers of both international and Malaysians to join in the fun. Here is the list of the film makers:

NoName of film makersFilmCountry
1Ayu AbdullahPower Down to Power AllMalaysia
2Mohamad Nor ZaffreenThe EarthMalaysia
3Chelsea Justalianus LimOne LifeMalaysia
4Jaclyn Lim Jia NingH2OMalaysia
5Dhaniyah RidzuanGAIAMalaysia
6Li Pahn ChewBio DynamicMalaysia
7Lim Kim LiangThe MountainMalaysia
8Puteri Nabilah ShahSweat of Virtue: The Fate of Charcoal Factory WorkersMalaysia
9Wilson Foo2030Malaysia
10Drew LimThe Ignorant YouMalaysia
11Daniel Bala MuruganJourney of the Plastic BagMalaysia
12Kurt SensenbrennerFrom Mass to the MountainUnited States
13Robert SuntayOn the Brink: Unchartered WaterUnited States
14Toby MoryThe World of MicrofluidsUnited Kingdom
15Yeo Kai WenThe Dissapearing HillsSingapore
16Samuel ShclaefliThe Climate ChangersSwitzerland
17Farhan UmedalyA Last Stand For LeluCanada
18Jegannath RamanujamShadowSingapore
19Maryo Saputra SanuddinNo Haze Without FireIndonesia


**DISCLAIMER: The update is as of 21st  September 2016. Any changes or film makers’ attendance cancellations are beyond our control.

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