Isaac Ho

Isaac Ho is a local singer-songwriter from the humble mining town of Ipoh. Playing around the local gig circuit for three years now, he is well known for his intricate looping skills, airy vocals and inseparable love for cats.

The Kasanovas

The Kasanovas is a Funk / Blues Rock band from Shah Alam. Started in mid 2016, they are heavily influenced by Funk & Blues bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers & Jimi Hendrix Experience. The Kasanovas band members are, 1) Nabil Nazmi (Guitars/ Vocals) 2) Asrul Najmi @ Jimmy (Bass) 3) Fawwaz Bazli (Drums) 4) Fariz Zainal (Keyboards)

Ross Stephenson

Ross Stephenson is a funny-man with a funky hairdo! A psychology graduate with a knack for serving, he believes he has a God-given gift to bring joy to people and therefore, relies on his talent to sweeten the disposition of those around him. Ross deals in the currency of comedy and his goods and services include laughter and free selfies with his Afro. Ross is also well versed in the art of magic; usually combining magic & comedy for a unique entertainment experience. As such Ross has been hired as an Emcee, Comedian, Magician and a Mad Scientist as well!

Lux Spectra

LUX SPECTRA is 4 piece modern rock band and although just formed in November 2014 the band has a very distinct and developed sound. The band plays their brand of rock music with interesting guitar riffs being the main influence in their arrangements. They have a total of three single that were released to Youtube , two (2) in English entitled Valencia, Forever and Always and a Malay single entitled, “Manusia”. None of which have been released to air as yet but have garnered a minimum of 1,700 views each. The band has 4 other songs yet to be recorded and are working towards releasing an album at the end of 2016.

Night Skies And Visions

Energetic. Humorous. Captivating. Three words to describe one of Kuala Lumpur's pop punk band, Night Skies & Visions. The band consists of Celyn (Vocals), Megat (Rhythm Guitar), Adam (Lead Guitar) & Dini (Drums) 2 years after their formation, the band has played in some of Malaysia's major festivals such as Northern Music Festival & Gegey Fest, to name a few. To top that, they performed their first international show in Jakarta for the Jakcloth Summerfest 2017.


Amargo, a malaysian didgeridoo player that have a big passion on didgeridoo since 2004 in Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan. Founder of Jkdidge as a platform for any didgeridoo beginners who wan't to learn how to make and to play the didgeridoo. Enjoy the positive vibes and natural sound from the didgeridoo.

Hassan & Marzika

Markiza & Peter Hassan Brown have been performing and recording for many years now in London and Malaysia. Between them they have released altogether 8 albums in UK and Malaysia. They are the nucleus of the band Soft Touch and are often joined by Wong Lip Kee who has been the band’s guitarist since 2004, and currently is helping with their latest recording project, a series of songs about different social issues: refugees, justice, human rights and the threat to the environment and vulnerable species, including Ecopocalypse, Losing Nature (video on Youtube), the popular Like a Polar Bear, Refugee & Choices.

Kinnari Ecological Theater Project

The Kinnari Ecological Theatre Project performs local legends in local languages to address environmental problems in Southeast Asia. It performed Puteri Gunung Ledang at ASWARA, KL in 2011. The Red Shoes Dance Theatre uses flamenco music and dance to perform stories without language and so understandable to international audiences. 'The Painted Bird' danced by Teresa Barja is derived from her participation in both these groups.

Pia and the penguins

Chilled-out, upbeat, easy-listening music from a bunch of fun loving penguins.