The Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival also known as KLEFF is Malaysia's first and largest longest-serving creative platform promoting sustainable living. Held annually since 2008, KLEFF's mission has been to constantly bring sustainable living towards mainstream through the use of the power of audio-visual materials and activities. KLEFF is also an annually held flagship program ran by EcoKnights in order to promote sustainable living and to educate and empower the general public on sustainable living.

Generally, in the month of October KLEFF hosts the screening of more than 80 films annually which allows them to not only reach an audience of over 5000 people on the festival itself, but through its many strategic partnerships and sponsorships that KLEFF has received over the years, KLEFF has gradually started to become the nation's celebrated grassroots cultural and environmental event.

KLEFF also offers more than just a film festival , KLEFF not only offers film screening events but also workshops for all ages , talks on sustainable living, fun and creative nature craft activities for children, performances, exhibitions and fairground attractions.

KLEFF's Four Main Thrust

To promote sustainable production and consumption or green consumerism

To activate local activism and participation in environmental efforts through networking, and engagement in the activities lined up in KLEFF

To promote sustainability among businesses through strategic forums and panel discussions

To celebrate the important environmental films that are advocating for changes to protect the planet

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About EcoKnights

EcoKnights is a non-governmental environmental organization established in 2005. They have been working with key stakeholders to drive and empower sustainable actions for a better planet. This is done by developing and implementing programs and activities across four pillars. Sustainable community development is the core of all EcoKnights®’ efforts and this is delivered through policy advocacy, on-ground and hands-on community efforts, corporate partnerships, youth volunteerism and strategic engagements and fundraising.

EcoKnights flagship programmes and activities all act as a catalyst for a positive change - no matter how small it is. The positive results seen from small changes encourage further change, and thus, participants and beneficiaries are inspired following their EcoKnights® experience and approach. Through the programs hosted and organised by EcoKnights® participants are empowered with the attitudes, skills, and behaviours they need to make sustainable changes and to thrive on a daily basis.

EcoKnights' Core Values


We believe in consistently evolving with the Malaysian mainstream mindset in order to position our educational and awareness-building activities as relevant, solution-oriented, positive and empowering.


We like to practice what we preach and anyone involved with EcoKnights is encouraged to be more responsible – at work or home, making the current word slightly better one less truant at a time.


EcoKnights® value a passionate soul. A passion to serve and protect humanity by working on small efforts at the grassroots level is drilled into the team to produce individuals that are both ecologically conscious and responsible.


Without respect, we wouldn’t be able to create meaningful programs that serve the broader goals of sustainability. We strive to ensure that all of our activities are conducted with the utmost respect to any and every sensitivity that arises.

Meet the Team

The board of Directors

Our leaders who direct and improve value to the festival


Amlir Ayat,
Honorary Advisor of KLEFF


Fadly Bakhtiar,
Festival Director of KLEFF


Nabila Shohimi,
Festival Manager of KLEFF


The creative conductor behind the scenes of the festival


Nurin Fatini, Sustainability Coordinator


Sarah Shahab, IT & Digital Media Coordinator

Programme Interns

Assists with various tasks related to the film festival with guidance from board of directors and coordinators

sar (2)

Hayyati Patahuddin


Muhammad Ashraf Rafiq

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Evangeline En Zi Lua

Be apart of the KLEFF 2024 team

Apply for internship with EcoKnights now. You'll be expose to facilitate and coordinate the next 16th International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest this October 2024.

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