The Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) is Malaysia’s first and longest-serving platform promoting sustainable living through showcases of environmentally-themed films and programs. Since 2008, KLEFF’s mission is to accelerate mainstreaming of sustainable living and stewardship of the environment through the power of audio visual materials and activities.

In the month of October, KLEFF hosts the screening of more than 80 films reaching to an audience of more than 5,000. With the collaboration of partners and sponsors, KLEFF is gradually becoming the nation’s celebrated grassroots cultural and environmental event.

The Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival is a not-for-profit program organized by local environmental NGO, EcoKnights.

Partnering with important sustainability leaders in the country, the KLEFF is steadfastly paving the way to encourage and inspire grassroots communities to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Award-winning environmental films, interactive learning workshops, and creative clusters within the Festival help to stress the urgent need to take positive actions today. In addition, the KLEFF also works closely with Malaysian higher institutes of learning with the aim of assisting in the development and progression of environmental communication, innovative solutions to address today’s environmental crises, and most importantly, the KLEFF provides a networking platform for the youths of today.

The Festival offers diverse and unique opportunities such as film screenings, workshops and talks on sustainable living, fun and creative nature craft activities for children, performances, exhibitions and fairground attractions.

The 12th International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival will be held at MAP PUBLIKA, Mont Kiara Solaris from October 9 – 13, 2019.

KLEFF promotes four main thrusts:

To promote sustainable production and consumption or green consumerism

To activate local activism and participation in environmental efforts through networking, and engagement in the activities lined up in KLEFF

To promote sustainability among businesses through strategic forums and panel discussions

To celebrate the important environmental films that are advocating for changes to protect the planet

The Festival Team

Yasmin Rasyid
Honorary Advisor

Yasmin Rasyid is the founder of KLEFF and served as the Festival’s director for a few years before she retired to her current position as an advisor. Passionate about films and environment, Yasmin’s role is to assist the Festival Team in their governance, operations and stakeholder engagement.

Nurul Nabila Shohimi
Filmmakers and Screening Schedule Head Coordinator

Nabila heads the organization of the submitted films, and is the head liaison with all the local and international filmmakers. She also works on the programming and scheduling of the films that will be screened at the Festival.

Johanan Kong
Volunteer Head Coordinator

Johanan oversees the organization and management of the volunteers for the festival from training and development, to the actual impact of the volunteerism program.

Luqman Avicenna
Creative and Content Development Coordinator

Luqman oversees the entire creative and content development of all the Festival’s collaterals for print, media and social media.

Fadly Bakhtiar
Festival Director

Fadly oversees the Festival from a bird’s-eye view. He’s main task spans from stakeholder engagement, to the logistics and overall management of the event. From permits to the programming, Fadly works behind-the-scenes to make sure that the festival goes smoothly from operations of the festival grounds, to media engagement.

Mok Yi Ying
Green Market Head Coordinator

Mok oversees the coordination of the Green Market, from liaising with the venue owners on planning and development of the Green Market to vendor engagement and management.

Emirul Redzuan
Audio Visual & Screening Head Coordinator

Emirul coordinates the technical aspects of the festival’s film screenings.

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