Film Title : TABIRA

Duration : 00:15:00 Filmmaker : Aner Etxebarria Moral Theme : Wildlife, Human-Wildlife Interaction
Synopsis : During his career as a vet, Alfonso Bateres has recovered hundreds of birds of prey and wild animals. But among all of them one stands out among others. Tabira tells the story of a family of veterinarians who adopted a chick that nobody wanted. The unexpected arrival of a raptor that ended up becoming a daughter and a high-flying sister, changing their lives forever. A bird that, with its beating wings and hawkish look, made them dream of flying through the skies. A year later, the winds carry Irati’s and Alfonso’s words, reminding them of the love they feel for the one that will always be their best friend: a Harris’s Hawk called Tabira.

Future Ancestor

Film Title : Future Ancestor

Duration : 00:10:30 Filmmaker : Josue Rivas Theme : Woman Empowerment, Indigenous Community
Synopsis : Indigenous scholar and poet Lyla June challenges the status quo when she decides to run for House of Representatives in New Mexico’s District 47. Future Ancestor follows her through a 7-day “fast for the future” on the steps of the Capitol building. Fueled by prayer and bone broth, Lyla is an unlikely candidate who reveals a new vision for leadership, urging us to “think seven generations ahead”.

Wings & Wetlands – A Story Of Migration

Film Title : Wings & Wetlands – A Story Of Migration

Duration : 00:16:15 Filmmaker : Raghunath Belur, Sugandhi Gadadhar Theme : Wildlife
Synopsis : “Wings & Wetlands – A Story Of Migration”, is produced by the Karnataka Forest Department, as part of its outreach activity, for the State’s Action plan, on the protection and conservation of the birds that use the Central Asian Flyway. It is a short documentary that highlights waterbirds, especially the ones that migrate to Karnataka, India during winter, and the wetlands that they migrate to.

Species per aquam – Biodiversity between the Ticino Valley and the Alps

Film Title : Species per aquam – Biodiversity between the Ticino Valley and the Alps

Duration : 00:12:44 Filmmaker : Marco Tessaro Theme : Ecology, Biodiversity
Synopsis : The upper Ticino Valley is blessed with numerous protected areas. But protection cannot be achieved through titles alone: in-depth scientific knowledge is crucial to understanding the ecological value of an area and the extent of the threats it faces. The Species per Aquam project has acquired this knowledge and translated it into practical environmental improvement efforts.

Ez, Eskerrik Asko! Gladys Window

Film Title : Ez, Eskerrik Asko! Gladys Window

Duration : 1:06:00 Filmmaker : Bertha Gaztelumendi Theme : Youth Empowerment, Nuclear Energy
Synopsis : In 1979, a shot from a Civil Guard killed Gladys del Estal in a peaceful protest against a nuclear power plant. This film shows who this young girl was, and it also portrays the anti-nuke movement in the Basque Country and all around the world.


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