Youth on Strike! (documentary film)

Film Title : Youth on Strike! (documentary film)

Duration : 00:48:30

Filmmaker : Rob Innes

Theme : Climate Change, Sustainability, Youth Empowerment

Synopsis :

In March 2019 over 150,000 Australian students went on strike to demand climate change action. They risked their studies to unite their generation, while still doing their homework. This is the story of how young Aussies defied calls to stay in school and organised one of the largest youth-led movements Australia has ever seen, told by twelve diverse students who vlogged the whole thing. These young people shared their stories of who they are and captured what it took to organise a movement. Using only footage recorded by the students, this is their story, this is Youth On Strike!


From Kurils With Love

Film Title : From Kurils With Love

Duration : 00:20:00 Filmmaker : Andrei Sebastian Theme : Marine Conservation, Science
Synopsis : Vladimir, a scrappy but aging Russian marine mammal biologist, unexpectedly hitch hikes aboard a boat filled with adventure photographers out of a desperate need to return to his science monitoring stations. His boat, 2 weeks prior, was lost to the explosion of the Raikoke volcano. He is on a mission to help fulfill his quest to understand and protect the Kuril Islands before his age fails him, and so together the team sets out in one of the most remote and accessible volcanic island chains in the world to help Vladimir

Meet Ramon

Film Title : Meet Ramon

Duration : 00:03:26 Filmmaker : Pilar Aldirico Theme : Wildlife, Marine Conservation
Synopsis : Ramon, a fur seal pup, was rescued from an oil spill when he was just a few days old. He lives now in a marine wildlife rescue center, with many animals that also carry plastic issues. Ramon’s story is about hope and survival. Which ocean do we leave to him?

Future Ancestor

Film Title : Future Ancestor

Duration : 00:10:30 Filmmaker : Josue Rivas Theme : Woman Empowerment, Indigenous Community
Synopsis : Indigenous scholar and poet Lyla June challenges the status quo when she decides to run for House of Representatives in New Mexico’s District 47. Future Ancestor follows her through a 7-day “fast for the future” on the steps of the Capitol building. Fueled by prayer and bone broth, Lyla is an unlikely candidate who reveals a new vision for leadership, urging us to “think seven generations ahead”.

Forest is our home

Film Title : Forest is our home

Duration : 00:22:11 Filmmaker : Dony Herwanto Theme : Forest, Deforestration, Community
Synopsis : Since the age of 4 years, Emmanuela Shinta grew by breathing smoke due to forest fires in central Kalimantan. It was a painful childhood that made him form Ranu Welum, a community filled with young children who wanted to restore forest functions as they are.

The Last Forest

Film Title : The Last Forest

Duration : 00:23:30 Filmmaker : Sapto Agus Irawan Theme : Forest, Community
Synopsis : Living in harmony with nature is not impossible. In the inland of Jambi province, residents of the Durian Rambun village are able to do that. The forest of Rio Kemunyang which surrounds the village is preserved while at the same time being used wisely. Custom and wisdom become their breath. Greed is a taboo character that will be faced with strict customary rules.


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