For the 13th time, Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival will annually have their own film screening in the festival. However, for this time around, our earth has been attacked by the pandemic, covid-19. Therefore, we are glad to introduce our own built-up website which is, KLEFFlix. KLEFFlix is an initiative that EcoKnights has come out to support our film screening for this 13th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest. For this year, we have received 118 film submissions ←from various filmmakers from all around the world that are related to our environment. For this year, our theme is “Climate (In)Justice”. However, we also have more themes to offer this year which are marine conservation, water conservation, wildlife, community, youth empowerment and more. 


For this year’s film screening, the 13th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest had successfully received up to 118 films submission from various filmmakers all over the world. The KLEFF Committee is thankful for every overwhelming support that we receive from our either new or loyal filmmakers that have been a part of KLEFF’s amazing journey since a few years ago. Within the 118 submission, we separated it into 5 main categories which is Public Service Announcement (PSA), Feature FIlms, Animations, Short Films and also Short Documentary films.

The analysis of the film submission composition also had been identified by the KLEFF Committee as the result shows increased numbers in films submission by the European and also Asia. It is proven that we are getting bigger by year and we will be moving towards more successful years ahead. For this year’s film screening, the Covid-19 pandemic never put us out of operation as we successfully chose 53 films overall for the screening session which is from 44 countries. With our incredible panel of jury for this year, the top 18 finalists had also been chosen based on fair evaluation and deliberation.

Film Schedule

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