Film Title : Taiwaste

Duration : 00:25:00
Filmmaker : Patrik Thomas
Theme : Nuclear Energy, Waste Management, Community
Synopsis :
As one of the many nuclear powered countries, Taiwan is constantly facing the issue on how to deal with its nuclear waste. After decades of controversial governmental decisions, a new solution seems possible: a citizen-powered decentralized storage strategy.
In the late 1970s, Taiwan’s government decided to store parts of its nuclear waste on Orchid Island, 65km off Taiwan’s southeast coast, home of the Yami people who lived for centuries as an isolated tribe. Being tricked by the government, the tribal chief signed a contract to build a “fish cannery:, which turned out to be a nuclear waste storage site. After more than 30 years of protest by the yami people, the government passes a new decision to solve the problem of Orchid Island with a new decentralised storage strategy.

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Into the Dark

Film Title : Into the Dark

Duration : 00:28:03
Filmmaker : Michael O. Snyder
Theme : Climate Change, Science
Synopsis :
Battling subzero temperatures and forty-foot seas, a team of scientists embark on a perilous winter expedition into the darkest regions of the Arctic. Their mission: to understand how trace amounts of light may be radically altering the mysterious world of the polar night. What they discover has implications for the global climate and the future of the Arctic.

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The Flat

Film Title : The Flat

Duration : 00:01:00
Filmmaker : Lev Voloshin
Theme : Waste Management
Synopsis :
Every day, each and every one of us produces garbage: at work, at school, at home, on a walk. Everywhere. The short film describes the journey of trash on the planet. The ending of the film leaves open the question: what is the final destination of garbage and what happens to it?

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Film Title : GOOD JOB

Duration : 00:07:45
Filmmaker : Piotr Biedroń
Theme : Pollution, Corruption, Human Greed
Synopsis :
Mr. Smog, a diabolic creature of fog and dust, takes on a human form.
As every year, he orders a worker to dig 44,000 graves to bury his future victims. The heat, no more space, and a broken digger slow him down.
How are they going to solve this problem? Can they make it before winter ?

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Why it’s crucial to fight corruption: Transparency International – SDG 16

Film Title : Why it’s crucial to fight corruption: Transparency International – SDG 16

Duration : 0:01:38
Filmmaker : Toby Mory
Theme : Sustainability, Corruption
Synopsis :
In 2000, the United Nations published the so-called Millennium Goals. They should give member states a direction for the new millennium and cover a wide range of political issues: from social inequality, health and education to economic growth and climate change. Today they are called Sustainable Goals to be achieved by 2030, but their content has not changed. The 16th Goal concerns the respect of the rule of law through accountable institutions at all levels and the fight against corruption – one of the main responsibilities of Transparency International.
At the beginning of July 2019, at the Sustainable Goals Summit in New York, Transparency International gave a presentation on the subject for which purpose this film was produced.

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Sh*t Saves The World

Film Title : Sh*t Saves The World

Duration : 01:06:00
Filmmaker : Troy Hale
Theme : Sustainability, Energy, Technology
Synopsis :
The #2 problem facing humanity
Sh*t Saves The World is a humorous take on our species impact on the Earth, exploring serious topics in an environmental documentary format. The project brings to light subjects that are not often discussed at least not at the dinner table.

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