Film Title : Taiwaste

Duration : 00:25:00
Filmmaker : Patrik Thomas
Theme : Nuclear Energy, Waste Management, Community
Synopsis :
As one of the many nuclear powered countries, Taiwan is constantly facing the issue on how to deal with its nuclear waste. After decades of controversial governmental decisions, a new solution seems possible: a citizen-powered decentralized storage strategy.
In the late 1970s, Taiwan’s government decided to store parts of its nuclear waste on Orchid Island, 65km off Taiwan’s southeast coast, home of the Yami people who lived for centuries as an isolated tribe. Being tricked by the government, the tribal chief signed a contract to build a “fish cannery:, which turned out to be a nuclear waste storage site. After more than 30 years of protest by the yami people, the government passes a new decision to solve the problem of Orchid Island with a new decentralised storage strategy.

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